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ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #87 - Coffee Break Episode I

Here we have another fine episode for you all to spearhead into. Small and simple visual details should leave you smiling as you play through. The music in this pack consists of notably epic tracks from other wads. The gameplay? Hard to tell what it's gonna be like with a swarm of 30 plus players hungry for cold, alien blood. Don't miss this one.

The five other weekly events have not been announced yet for this week so there's not a lot more to add. If you want your favourite wads to be played, then why not mention them in the suggestions forum threads for each event? In the meantime, grab ZDaemon and get connected.

International Doom League Radio Launches

We're pleased to announce the launching of IDL Radio, a weekly radio show dedicated to keeping you updated on what is new with everyone's favorite Doom league. While discussion will be centered on current and future IDL topics and events, we'll also spend some time talking about the Doom community at large. The program will be hosted by Dew, Ru5tK1ng, and HumanBones - we'll frequently be joined by guests who will share their thoughts with us. We'll no doubt run out of topics to discuss at some point, so please send us some stuff to talk about or let us know throughout the show if you feel like joining us. The first broadcast is scheduled for Sunday, April 7th, 2013 @ 5pm EST. Happy listening!