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Risen3D v2.2.20 released

For the few that do not already know, Risen3D v2.2.20 has been released. For more info, visit the Risen3D homepage.

Odamex Saturday Nitro #86 - Scythe Co-op

Better late than never - Scythe recently celebrated its release anniversary, so we are going to revel in it with this Nitro!

Date: Saturday, April 13th, 2013
Euro Session: 20:00 GMT (15:00 EST)
USA Session: 20:00 EST (1:00 GMT)
WAD: Scythe
Maps: 30 (map01 - map30)
Mode: 32-player Co-op
Server: IDL - Chicago / [NL] Funcrusher

If you don't have Odamex installed on your computer, drop by the Odamex site and download 0.6.2. Also, don't forget to check out our Odamex Steam Group for easy access to updates and announcements.