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The /newstuff Chronicles #430

dew on Velocity CTF X: Velocity CTF is a pleasantly fine full mapset with one of the highest hit-to-shit ratios in the CTF business. Some maps already hit the IDL selection and more may find their way in in the future, which should be a mark of validation on its own. I personally prefer this wad over 32in24-12 as a whole, and one day I'll go back in time to kill Xaser, and posing as him I'll award the 2012 multiplayer Cacoward to VeloCTF instead. (more)

Reimagination is more important than knowledge

David "Tolwyn" Shaw has recently re-imagined Backroad Wanderer (Memento Mori 2 Map 10) as part of an experiment to re-imagine all of his songs he's done for various music projects in the 90s. Tolwyn explains:

JD Herrera started to inspire me with his 're-imagining' of a lot of the songs Mark [Klem] and I did for Doom from the 90s. In the middle of all of that, Mark and I started working together in the studio again (made up of myself, Mark, JD Herrera, and Vincent Hall). We kicked out about 10 original songs (with singing, ack!). Afterwards, I was thinking to myself that I have an entirely new studio to play around with and it just so happens I have all of the original MIDI recordings of every Doom song I ever recorded. Why not also re-imagine these myself?

So, I wanted to see if Propellerhead's Reason could accurately import MIDI files from the 90s. Just for grins, I downloaded and installed the free version of Cakewalk Pro 3.01, the software I used to make every single song I ever made for Doom. Reason handled the import miraculously.

Some things have been enhanced a bit since the originals, but the performance I recorded years ago is about 90% there (I like to think the 10% is improvement). If there's enough interest, I'll probably go through the entire Tolwyn catalogue and maybe even take advantage of JD and Mark to see if we can spruce these bad boys up for all to enjoy.