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Odamex Saturday Nitro #97 - Epic CTF

This Saturday we are making a change to Odamex Nitro. European Nitro will not occur due to past performance, and as such, the only Nitro event that will be held is the American one. No big worries though, most Euros playing Nitro stay up all night to frag their friends on American Nitro anyway, and if need be, we can bring back Euro Nitro. As for the wad of this week, Epic CTF is a well known CTF wad that fulfills its name, bringing in railguns and jump pads to the already frantic fray.

Date: Saturday, June 29th, 2013
Session Start: 20:00 EDT (1:00 GMT)
Maps: 21
Mode: 8v8 Capture The Flag
Server: IDL Chicago

If you want to join up and don't have Odamex yet, head over to the Odamex site and get yourself 0.6.3. Don't forget to also check out and join the Odamex Steam Group for information on updates and announcements.