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NADA Tournament #4 Sign-ups open

Sign-ups for the North American Doom Association's late August tournament are now open through Saturday, August 11th. The event is expected to run from August 13th through August 25th. The NADA is a 1-on-1 tournament system open to players of all skill levels and is played using Odamex. Community discussion and interaction is encouraged through regular practices, IRC chatter ( #nadoom, can be accessed through the NADA webpage), and forum discussion.

IDL Summer 2013 Sign-ups now open

Sign-ups for the International Doom League's Summer 2013 season are now open. Due to its late kickoff this year, the season will run from late September through early October. In what will be its 14th season, the IDL will use Odamex 0.6.4 as its platform. The IDL is open to all players, but it is encouraged that those interested visit #idl on, participate in forum discussions, and participate in private CTF games to maximize your chances of making a squad. Although the IDL's main page is currently down, you can access sign-ups through their forums as usual.

Odamex 0.6.4 released

Odamex 0.6.4 has been released. The new version features a number of bug fixes and some larger additions. Leading the way in additions is the ability to change your FPS from the standard Doom 35 tics. Clients can now uncap the FPS entirely or choose from standard values in the video options menu. Widescreen modes now also pillar box and letter box, depending on resolution (and preference). Some Windows users who had issues with SDL's mouse issues will benefit from the addition of raw mouse input. For a full list of changes, visit

Ralph Vickers' Urban Brawl Soundtrack Released

Ralph Vickers, aka Ralphis, has released the official soundtrack of the 2008 indie game Action Doom 2: Urban Brawl for digital download. The soundtrack is available for $5 through Bandcamp and through the music section of his personal website.

QuakeCon Doom 2 Tournament Results

Congratulations to Doomworld forum member JKist3 for his victory in the Doom 2 tournament at Quakecon 2013! JKist3 defeated Devastation, also a Doomworld forum member, in the grand finals played on the main stage. The finals were a rematch between the two - JKist3 knocked Devastation into the loser's bracket in a close bout two days earlier. The final moments of the first game, played on dwango5 map01, will likely go down as one of the greatest competitive Doom moments ever as JKist3 ties the game with less than a second on the clock and the crowd explodes.

JKist3 received a (giant) $1,000 check for his efforts. Devastation placed 2nd and DemonSphere fell to 3rd after a close, exciting match against Devastation (replay). All three players received Doom 2 trophies. Congratulations to all of the participants for giving Doom an exciting showing in Dallas! The entire Quakecon 2013 Grand Finals can be viewed on their channel.