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Zandronum Friday Night Fragfest #180: TLSXCTF Instagib and AFTS+Dynamite DM

Get your gun and get ready for gore, because it's Instagib CTF this Friday night. The Last Strike Extreme CTF will be all railguns for this European Friday Night Fragfest. For American FNF, fear the Sentinel or die an explosive death with AFTSDM and DYNAMITE!

European FNF
When: August 23rd, 2013, 18:00 UTC
Where: Grandvoid, UK
WADs: skulltag_actors.pk3 (included with Zandronum), ST data, TSLXCTF 1.1, Oda flags, ZandroSpree
Mode: 32-Player Instagib Capture The Flag
Maplist: TLSXCTF1-3, 5-9

American FNF
When: August 23rd, 2013, 20:00 EDT
Where: Vicious Pariah's servers
WADs: skulltag_actors.pk3 (included with Zandronum), ST data, Dynamite DM, All Fear The Sentinel DM, ZandroSpree
Mode: 20-Player Deathmatch
Maplist: MAP01-06, 09-12, AFTS01-05, 07, 09-11, 13-14, 16

If you want to join, you'll need to download the latest version of Zandronum. You can find out anything else you need to know about Zandronum here.

ZDaemon Sessions #312 - [LA] Space Station 2 Survival

This weekend we will be playing ZDaemon's infamous cooperative WAD created by Flunky, [LA] Space Station. This time, though, there's a brand new part 2 - which means more visuals, tricks, monsters and gameplay for you to blast through on one life survival. See you there!

Game mode: 1 Life Survival
IWAD: doom2
PWADs: la-spacestation2_beta11.wad
Wad url:
Date: Saturday 24th August 2013
Times: Euro: 19:30 BST (14:30 EDT); USA: 02:00 BST (21:00 EDT)
Locations: [SDA] / Dwango United NJ
More info...

Get ZDaemon and party hard.