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Doom Radio Interview with Rottking

The folks at DoomRadio.org have posted an interview with Rottking, member of the Doom Community and more notably, member of the International Doom League and author of mapsets such as Double Impact and contributor to deathmatch mapsets like Space Deathmatch. Come on down and have a listen!

Doom Radio (a.k.a. "Tango TV", in honor of its initial founder, Tango) is an almost-weekly podcast featuring Alfonzo, Tarnsman, and Matt Tropiano (MTrop), showcasing and shedding light on various people and aspects of the Doom Community. Series include: Tango TV Interviews, where various Doom Community people get their brains picked; Program B, a general discussion show about specific topics and Doom-related disciplines; and Where's All the Data?, a show where mapsets and stuff in the /idGames Archive get picked apart.

Stop on by and lend an ear!