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Zone 300

Inspired by the 100 Lines community project released last month, pcorf has released Zone 300, a new vanilla compatible Doom 2 megawad where 31 of the maps are limited to a maximum of 300 lines. The maps have excellent gameplay with their difficulty being about on par with the official Doom 2 maps. If you're worried about visuals, pcorf does more with 300 lines than you probably thought possible. There's a brand new soundtrack, too. Grab a copy from the Doomworld Forums thread and give it a go.

Doom Radio - Where's All the Data Episode 6

This week, Doom Radio sees the release of Episode 6 of the kinda-monthly show Where's All the Data?, where Alfonzo, Tarnsman, and Pavera review and peel apart Back to Saturn X and Favillesco. Do they like 'em? Do they hate 'em? Looks like you'll have to listen and find out!