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ZDaemon Sessions #319 - Scythe 2 with Immoral Conduct

Erik Alm's Scythe 2 is quite a hard megawad to go through. But this Saturday, since we love to see you die, the 32 maps provided will also be slapped with a UV skill level and only one life. Immoral Conduct will be played alongside as well - a cool dehacked weapons modification that turns your BFG into a sniper rifle and your chaingun into an Uzi, amongst other cool firepower changes.

Game mode: 1 Life Survival
IWAD: Doom2
PWADs: scythe2, icd-deh
Wad url: scythe2, [url]http://krawaserv.dyndns.org/wads/[/url]
Date: Saturday 12th October 2013
Times: Euro: 19:30 BST (14:30 EDT); USA: 02:00 BST (21:00 EDT)
Locations: [SDA] / Dwango United NJ
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Zandronum Saturday Night Survival #93 - Epic 2

Kick off the thanksgiving weekend by joining us for gameplay on Epic 2 - a 32-map vanilla megawad created by Alexander "Eternal" S. The Egypt theme is quite beautiful, and the project won a Cacoward in 2010.

IWAD: doom2.wad
WADs: coopmthru_vanilla, Dead-AFK.wad, Epic2
What day: Saturday, October 12th, 2013
What time: 18:00 UTC
United Kingdom: 19:00
Russia / Moscow: 22:00
Eastern Time (US): 2:00 PM
Where: Vicious Pariah's servers
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