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  • Tormentor667 sent news of a new ZDoom deathmatch TC in development entitled Perforated Entrails, the website for which already has some info and screenshots available.
  • S. Woodman emailed us to say that he's currently working on a sequel to The Plutonia Experiment and could use some help in making it, unlike the Casali brothers did.

Frag Your Best

Falconer's Rare Files for Doom has posted a document entitled Deathmatch Options and Map Rotations for Servers which talks about exactly what it sounds like -- deathmatch options and map rotations, the latter for DWANGO5 specifically.

Wild Stuff

Rick Clark sent this in, and since news is so slow and I am about to pull a DoomFreak, I'll paste his email in its entirety.

I thought I would give you a quick update on some additional information that I am in the process of adding to my roleplaying system, Doom: The Next Chapter (DTNC).

I have written a historical background for the game that covers the history of the solar system before Doom and Doom2 and into the time period of DTNC.

I have worked out a complete description of the governmental structure of UAC including an organizational chart and detailed description of the various directorships that exist within UAC. The style of government UAC has developed is a hybrid of socialism, democracy and capitalism within a corporate structure. Sounds odd, but will be clear when you read the details.

I am also building the economic structure of UAC and will be including price lists of common items that can be purchased. This additon was requested by players and was sorely lacking in the original rule set. UAC provides basic needs for its employees (there are no citizens; everyone is an employee) but allows free trade for items not covered by basic services. The price lists I am building will help game developers price their items in their scenarios. These can only be guides however, since prices are based solely on supply and demand.

These additions, I hope, will make the game world much more real for the game players. It has taken me a while to work out the details of the UAC form of government and its background, but I have a good framework now that I think will really make DTNC on a par with professional RPG's.

I am currently adding this new information to the rule book and will have a new edition out in a few days. I was so excited about the new material though, I just had to give you a heads up.