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The /newstuff Chronicles #101

Apologies for my lateness, but some certain family member insisted on taking over the computer for the rest of the day, making me late (well, it is Monday here) for your weekly dose of /newstuff. Anyway, I have five wads to delete from my HD, so I'll review them while they're still there. Oh yes, since Ling had a little cry about not having monsters in screenshots, I'll be putting them in this time. Oh yeah, I'm also rushing my ass off here because I'm very late, so I won't be going into that much detail as I usually do.

  • Abandoned Mines II by Kim "Torn" Bach - - This is a first map job by Torn, and it is a very good one at that. Designed for the FreeDoom project, this map replaces map26, and it is a very faithful tribute to the original Abandoned Mines. However, the only problem I really have with it is the amount of monsters crammed into this otherwise decent map. It says in the text file that the FreeDoom textures are required, but you still can check it out without them.
  • Blind Alley P., The Boardwalk by Gene Bird - - The second map in some mini series that I've never heard of before. Still, like Abandoned Mines II, it's overloaded with monsters, but unlike AMII, the detailing looks like a half-assed job which was finished in under 20 minutes. I believe it's supposed to resemble a neighbourhood, but it doesn't look like anything really noticable.
  • Doom Aesthetics Mod by WildWeasel - - Some Immoral Conduct wannabe that has the most ugliest Super Shotgun graphics that I've ever seen. It replaces all sounds, all weapon graphics and the former human enemies with mostly stolen graphics/sounds. It also has a dehacked patch inside, mostly to do with text changes and weapon attacks. Requires ZDoom.
  • NES Sounds V2 by The Unknown Comic/The Unknown Doomer - If your dialup couldn't handle the size of the original NES Sounds wad, then this is for you. However, the sounds sound really choppy, but that's the price you pay when you resample sounds from 44khz to 11khz. Also, I dunno why the hell s/he put two nicks in. I guess s/he's retarded or something.
  • Wheat Thin Fortress by DarkWolf - - DM level that requires a port that "loads flats from a PWAD", even though doom2.exe can do that if you rename the flat start and end lumps to FF_START and F_END. Anyway, I tested this level with ACBot, and the layout of the level is actually quite good for a 1-on-1. But, his weapon placement is very unbalanced, and his detailing is below-average. I might be a bit biased when saying this, but the most commonly used weapon in DM is the Super Shotgun, and the only way to grab it is going through the teleporter. If I made the map, I would of placed a BFG there and replaced all the other weapons with Super Shotguns and a few Rocket launchers. If he made the weapon placement good, I would of played this on ZDaemon.