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The /newstuff Chronicles #104

Hey, Mr. Hyde reporting here for another session of me bitching and moaning, and all of you making comments about how harsh I am. This time around I'm a little bit more happier this week, because nine out of the twelve wads that are showcased this week are DM wads. Unfortunately, seven of them are by the same author (why he didn't put them all in the same wad confuses me), and two of them are almost identical. Oh well, nothing is perfect in this world.

  • Band of Captures by Pekka "kulma" Korolainen - - Wow, this is a really nice effort for a first-timer, especially that it's a CTF level for Skulltag, which aren't common sights. A very large map, suited for at least 4 players per team. Nice, simpilistic detailing, and a very promising gameplay, from what the layout looks like. However, I really hated the rooms with the crates in them. I couldn't reach the powerups, plus it was way too dark for my standards. Other than that, it's a very good level that should be added to your growing collection of CTF wads. Skulltag required.
  • Catastrophe by Magikal - - This map is too hard at the start. I kept getting killed all the time, so I had to put on god mode just so I can take a look at the level. I must say, the detailing is excellent in some areas, but those same areas lagged the living shit out of my 533mhz celeron with 192mb RAM, while playing at 640x400. There's also 669 monsters roaming in the map, most of them being near the start. That can frustate lesser skilled players very easily, and it also did to me. It also has great usage of the 3D floor thing, but it can heavily lag older computers, depending on what resolution you have it set to. Some rooms are cramped and they're also filled with monsters. If you're looking for a hard challenge, download this wad today, but those who are lesser skilled should stay away from this wad, unless curiousity decides otherwise. Enhanced Doom port required.
  • Darkmatch Combo by Kristian "Ebola" Käll - - Fellow #zdoom op, Ebola (who made the famous Legacy wads Nimrod and Phobia) has released a 2-level DM wad which "can be run on vanilla Doom 2". I opened it with WinDoom, it crashed. Opened it with doom2.exe, it crashed. Opened it with PRBoom, it crashed. Opened it with ZDoom, it came up with some error about cameras. I loaded Legacy up and it runs fine. Weird...
    Detailing is superb, definitely something I'd expect from him. But, the gameplay is horrid. Map01 has to be one of the smallest levels that I've ever seen, just slightly smaller than UDM1 Map03, which I made. Map02 is also very small, plus the doors to get inside don't even open, making the switches outside useless. To summorise it, it's a masterpiece in the detailing aspect, but the size of the maps and the lack of exits make the levels feel like rushed jobs. Legacy required, despite what the text file says.
  • Hellbent's DM wads by Jason "Hellbent" Root - Since Hellbent decided to upload 7 zips for some unknown reason, I'm gonna be a slack bastard and put them all in the same area and give out simple reviews for each and every level. Also, I don't exactly understand why he decided to make them all as seperate wads, since they all use the same sky texture.
    • LA24 .txt - - If you wanted a reason to hate the BROWNGRN texture, here is your excuse. If it didn't look like that there was vomit everywhere, I'd say that this would of been a great Free For All level.
    • LA25 .txt - - More BROWNGRN goodness. Like LA24, it's a good Free For All level, but the overuse of BROWNGRN almost makes me want to puke in my toilet.
    • LA26 .txt - - Wow, I think this is the only level out of all seven that doesn't have any BROWNGRN textures. I liked the room which had the random blinking sectors, but the level itself was a bit too gray for me.
    • LA27 .txt - - I was expecting this level to not have any sightings of BROWNGRN, like la26. I was shocked, but at least it wasn't overloaded with it.
    • LA28A .txt - - I don't know why, but it vaguely reminds me of Dwango5 Map01. Maybe it's because of all the BROWNGRN that I'm seeing.
    • TIC2 .txt - - Monsters in DM levels is not a good idea at all. Also, the main area seems to resemble the outside area of MAP06. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he copy+pasted it from there.
    • TIC2A .txt - It looks like the same as TIC2, but you can get out of the pits by looking for some really hard to notice steps.
    • The Adventures of MassMouth Do Over! by Cyb - - If you haven't played The Adventures of Massmouth yet, I strongly recommend you to go download it now. It's a very awesome wad, and it has a great sense of humour as well. You play as Massmouth, an average zeebloid who has been selected to be the seventh member of an elite group of people lead by an infamous intergalatic collector. Anyway, before I start to paste the entire story here, you run around doing very original tasks, including grabbing the Windows Source CD, and luring a Dwarf Baron into a cage. The maps aren't uber-1337 detailed, but you can easily identify what places you're at. His use of scripting is very good, and the weapon and monster replacements fit in great. Overall, this is a wad that you should definitely add to your collection. ZDoom required.
    • Out of Phase 3: One Cloudy Afternoon by Karthik Abhiram - - A small map by Karthik, and a damn good one at that. Very nice detailing job, plus the gameplay has a very strong arcadish feel. Even though the level is occuring during the afternoon, I kinda jumped when I saw the mancubus magicly appear in front of my face without any teleport fog. Also, it may be a bit hard to start the level at first for some, as the revenant that is at the megasphere is a bit annoying, but after you grab the megasphere, it's mostly easy from there. The only problem I had with the level was that it was a bit too short for a single-level wad, but I'm sure someone will disagree with me. He wrote in the text file that you can play a DM game in it. I didn't have the time to test it, though. I give this level a thumbs up.