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RTC-3057 Demo Release

Chances are, you've heard of RTC-3057. I did several features about it during my time at Doomcenter, including a couple of interviews, screenshot galleries, and a hands-on preview. Needless to say, all information and media released by Team Future has been top quality, and this demo release is no different. The demo takes full advantage of ZDoom v2.0 features - it sports ACS scripting, colored lighting, slopes, and probably every other feature the powerful port has to offer (be sure you have the latest beta of ZDoom v2.0 to play the demo). It is very story and goal driven, and the developers did an excellent job of immersing the player to emphasize this. The textures, sounds, music, architecture, puzzles, scripting - hell, everything is pretty amazing. Without further ado, check out screenshots from the demo, then download ZDoom v2.0 B36 and the demo! Also, read on to see comments from several members of Team Future, including team leader Shaviro, NiGHTMARE, Hyena, SoM, and our very own Julian. Congratulations to Team Future for reaching this milestone and good luck with finishing the project!

Demo Screenshots

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Team Future Commentary


The project is moving forward faster than ever after dsm, pritch and I finished up the story details. dsm has done a great job on fleshing out the main story points as well as adding several new ones. Even though there are still many levels to complete and much work to do, I'm confident that our team is capable of completing the task. The project is split up into 4 episodes (settings). RTC-3057 is not just a doom mod. It is a story about future problems, ethics and development/evilution of mankind. One of our main priorities of the project is to involve the player in some troubling events, which are not necessarily physical problems. To achieve this we are using some scripted sequences that will shiver down your spine. Another priority is to show other Doomers and gamers how to squeeze the engine's potential and create mindblowing features. All of this is in the demo and I feel we've achieved our goals. The beta testers have been awesome. We have a little channel on IRC where we meet up and discuss the bugs and needs of the demo. All together they have spotted more than a hundred bugs and have had tons of great suggestions which (most of them) have been added. I don't think there is much more to say than thanks to the team, Doomworld and everybody who has been commenting on the various screenshots and whatnot.


As well as its (hopefully) great gameplay and genuinely involving storyline, RTC-3057 should serve as an excellent showpiece for the various additions that the ZDoom port makes to the Doom engine. Almost any ZDoom feature you can think of is going to be used at some point, including extensive use of ACS scripting (written by scripting gurus such as Boris). I wasn't able to participate in the testing as much as some of the others, because of an annoying crash that has now (inexplicably) stopped occurring. I did, however, add a few enemies and items to the map, and point out a couple of minor errors.


I joined the project quite lately actually. I saw the feature done on Doomcenter and found the screenies quite convincing. Maon... err... Shaviro caught me on IRC once asking if I could make tracks (or did I send him a track and tell him he could use it? I don't remember). I have composed quite a lot of test pieces since then but didn't really know what atmosphere to aim at. When Shav showed us (the team) the demo then my ideas got clearer: I decided to try something more ambient and ended up with a single real musical piece. I'm very happy with the soundtrack so far and I find the design simply stunning. I know more levels are on schedule (if not already finished) and I can't wait to put some soundscape in there.


For someone who's been separated from the project for so long, I found that the members of the team have become very clever. They somehow rigged it so that when Zdoom started, the wad itself managed to excrete a powerful adhesive that prevented me from leaving my chair until I completed the demo. I played it again a few times, just in case there was any leftover glue, plus it was pretty fun.


RTC-3057 is something pretty rare: A Doom wad with a storyline that advances in the wad. Very few wads have actually managed to pull this off (Nimrod comes to mind) as well as this one. The atmosphere is heavily accented by excellent tracks from Julian, the levels are beautiful and this thing has replay value! What more do you want?