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End Game

The Doomworld Staff regrets to inform visitors that the site's parent entity, AtomicGamer (formerly Telefragged LLC), has sold the domain name "" to Endtime Ministries. The transaction took place on March 26, but the Staff was not informed of it until March 30. This transaction will be quite beneficial to AtomicGamer financially, but will spell the end of Doomworld in its current form. This transfer of ownership means that all portions of the Doomworld site, including the forums, will become inaccessible. The transfer date is designated as April 8, 2007.

Because of the recent decline in news content despite opening the news posting system to the general public, as well as sub-par forum postings and activity, the Staff have elected not to continue keeping the site online elsewhere, nor to relaunch it under a different name. We hope you, the users, understand why we made this decision. It has been a great nine years, but as with all good things, it must come to an end. While it may be true that "Doom will never die, only the players," there is no quote about websites never dying.

Rest in peace, Doomworld.

March 13, 1998 - April 8, 2007