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Doom's Belated Nonadecennial

Wait a minute... it's not December 10th. I suppose you thought we gave up on the Cacowards? Nonsense, but we did need some extra time to put it together after our expected emcee was conspicuously absent on Doom's birthday.

Who wrote the 19th Annual Cacowards? Xaser, kmxexii, Alfonzo, and a guest appearance from Scuba Steve; all of these people stepped up to the plate for this special event.

Did you know that I almost gave up on Doomworld yesterday? As an unexpected early Christmas present, AtomicGamer upgraded the version of PHP used on the web server. It's not really a surprise that most of the 10-year-old code behind the site broke because of it. For a time, I thought the damage would be unrepairable, but a few quick hacks later, 90% of the site's previous functionality (ignoring the stuff that hasn't worked for years) is back up and running. The rest of it is still being worked on.