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The /newstuff Chronicles #16

We bring you fifteen new WAD files, in our weekly wrapup of the new things found on CDROM.COM.

  • Acity80 by De Zeurkous - This is strange. A single level for Doom 2, on Map15, with very strange functions. Platforms that lower for no apparent reason. Rooms with nothing important in them. It looks like a level in early development. Why it would be released at this stage, I wouldn't know.
  • House by Anthony Cole - A classic 1994-style "My House" level. Well, whether or not it represents the authors' actual house is unknown. Still, this map is divided into two isolated sections. It seems like it could make for an interesting deathmatch. Storming through someone's house, searching for your enemy. Download if you wish!
  • A Calm Arena by De Zeurkous - Nothing too special here. A small map. Very square. Some teleporters. A MIDI from Final DOOM, and still the ZIP is only 7 KB! Yes, good for meditating. If you're into that kind of thing during deathmatch.
  • Ballistics by S. Woodman - An interesting level for Doom 2. Good architecture, good looks. The major downfall for this map is the insane amount of monsters and ammunition. Swarming you from every direction. Not for the faint-hearted.
  • Lookout Base by S. Woodman - This is the first map, in a series of "Mortiser" WADs, for Doom 2. The map design seems advanced. Textures are nice, everything seems well done. Ammo supplies are on the plentiful side, but health balance is the challenging part of this map. To play this level, you'll need to use the Mortiser Resource File.
  • The Bridge by De Zeurkous - A two-room level. One room with a bridge with lava on each side, the other room with an exit switch. Lots of items. Best used in deathmatch.
  • Phoenix by R.L.L. Timmermans - When was the last time you saw a DOOM modification with eleven new monsters? Okay, so this is an old WAD. In an improved version B update. What's more amusing that fighting Chaingun Dudes with neckties? Butlers with chainsaws? The map design isn't bad for these four levels either, with over a hundred new textures! Enhanced DOOM port recommended.
  • Nova10 by Brian Lester - A single map for Doom 2, running on Map30. This level is very different from your conventional maps, in so many ways. Along with monster-fighting, a lot of gameplay emphasis is put toward puzzle-solving. That alone should make this level a very, very long play. Quite different!
  • The Tunnel Of Chaos by De Zeurkous - The description in the enclosed text file describes it best. "A large tunnel with goodies and lights. Nothing very special." So yes, this is a small level. One long, dark tunnel, with items, and torches along the side. Just another throw-together. Oh yes, and it runs on Doom 2, Map12.
  • UAC Experiment by Jason Root - You're going to love this. A single map for DOOM, E1M4, in Episode 1 style! I would agree that this level does capture some of the many intangibles of E1M3, M4, and M6. And the level is very, very long. Some of you will just eat this one up! The pulsating lights, space base walls, it imitates Episode 1 rather well, in my opinion. ZDoom recommended.
  • Blackgate by Patrick Martin - Hey, this level brings back memories... No wonder! I actually downloaded and played this map a few months back. Recommended in another level I downloaded. Anyway, this is just a single map, running on Map01. It is decent enough level design. It also has some new graphics and sounds extracted from Heretic, Hexen, and even Warcraft II! There's also a decent MIDI replacement. Well, download it if you wish!
  • Dark Eden by Patrick Martin - Another decent level for Doom 2, Map01. Good length, looks are okay, but nothing special. It can be very easy to run out of ammo on this level though, and then after that, it's a disaster. Once you get by the chaingun dudes and shotgun guys, it's all mid-size monsters, and your ammunition disappears in an instant. Download at your own risk!
  • Red Christmas 2000 by Ed C. - Here, we have a deathmatch level of surprising quality! A few neat special special effects, such as deep water, rain, and ambient sounds. As well as lots and lots of detail. The light work is decent, although physically illogical in some places. There isn't much of anything too Christmasy about it, either. Well, still worth the download!
  • Mforest1 by Jon Croce - A single map for Doom 2. The theme is consistently wood, through the entire level. Ammo balance seems good throughout most of the map, until near the end, where you seem to lose everything to mid-size monsters. Overall, there isn't too much detail, and it does feel tiresome after a while, but it's not too bad.
  • Save Your Hate by Vlad Sosedkin - This should be something for all to enjoy! A single-player map for Doom 2, with lots of great goodies. Floors over floors, 3D water, and other neat special effects, all packaged in a very nice looking level! Good map design, superb overall. Requires EDGE.