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The /newstuff Chronicles #17

Eight new WAD files, in our weekly presentation of the new things found on CDROM.COM.

  • Vrack by Fredrik Johansson - Ahh, this is quite nice. A single map for Doom 2, located on a base, somewhere out in space. The design of this map is very professional. Lots of detail, lots of well-done texture variety. The level engineering is quite advanced as well, with doors requiring two switches to open, and things of the like. And if you're sick of the plain old Map01 music, no worry! There is a music replacement, which I think is quite fitting. Enhanced DOOM port required.
  • Corp by Kim Vidal - What have we here? This appears to be a single deathmatch map, for Doom 2. The level itself is quite small. It does have a few strange new textures, though. A new sky, a new flat. And some bar codes, which seem to absorb some missile attacks. I think there are deathmatch levels out there, which are more enjoyable than this.
  • Missil by Kim Vidal - Yet another deathmatch map for Doom 2. Some more neat new textures, mostly in grayscale. The concept and design of this map is really rather unique. Cracks and crevasses in the ground. Platforms, safe spots. It could make for a very interesting deathmatch!
  • Station Alpha Omega by Giac Veltri - I think some of you guys should enjoy this. A single-player map, for Doom 2. Stationed somewhere on a space base, you need to *yawn*, destroy everything, and find your goal. The map design is fairly good, and the level is large. A few new well-placed textures as well. Enhanced DOOM port recommended.
  • Atlantis by Striker - Here is a very unique deathmatch level for Doom 2. A very small, fog-filled, underwater level! The different weapons are scattered evenly, with the BFG appropriately being the most difficult to obtain. There's even a soothing new music track to accompany it! Very much worth the small download. Requires ZDoom.
  • Gallows 2 by Anthony Soto - This should be enjoyable! Two new maps for Doom 2. Map01, and Map07. Both maps are similar in design, although the bonus level (Map07), has some really difficult challenges. Lots of color, and lots of interesting design in both of these maps. The music replacement on the first level should keep you entertained as well!
  • Room 101 by Sock - Those of you looking for something along the lines of classic DOOM feel, you needn't look much further! This map plays on Ultimate DOOM's E1M1, but tends to feel more along the lines of E2M6-M7. Ammo balance is very good most of the way through, and yes, this map does look like it came from the lost levels of DOOM. Enjoy!
  • Tenchi Muyo Doom by Curtis Smith - A very, very strange WAD, which seems to be almost a random jumble of sprites, textures, sounds, music, and levels. The music has its qualities. The levels are nothing to brag about. The sounds can be amusing, and the graphics seem to be randomly painted, and pulled from screen savers. Enhanced DOOM port recommended.