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  1. Linguica

    Undocumented vanilla bug?

    Out of curiosity, if you used Dehacked to make the chainsaw function like a rocket launcher, does that mean its explosions wouldn't push you or anything else around at all?
  2. Linguica

    Where would you sleep in Doom?

    I choose to interpret this as "where would you feel comfortable sleeping if you were teleported into a stock Doom / Doom 2 map?" and my answer is the secret room in the red key building in Map02. Unreachable by the demons, there's a window, and an emergency teleport exit if things go bad.
  3. Linguica

    The Top 25 Sector Ships of All Time

    Next we need Top 25 Sector Helipads, Top 25 Sector Computer Desks, or of course, Top 25 Sector Toilets.
  4. Linguica

    The Top 25 Sector Ships of All Time

    Unrelated but thank you for this, I have been trying to remember what this WAD was for years.
  5. I would not call myself "continually active" on Doomworld, I was inactive around 2008 - 2014.
  6. DLC1 doubles down on all of the aspects of Doom Eternal I liked the least. At a moment when I expected the story to start wrapping up loose ends instead it's getting even more incoherent. (They had to introduce The Intern because they literally ran out of characters to talk to Doomguy, and I dare you to go back and explain the plot of Doom 2016 in light of new information.) The new enemies require hitting weak points or waiting for a moment of vulnerability, making the gameplay loop even more complex and stuffed with variables than it already was. Empowered Demons, which were originally touted as an invasion-style mechanic, are basically a joke now and are the lowliest of the three - THREE! - entirely distinct monster buffs that now exist in the game and get layered into arena battles with increasing baroqueness. I also dislike how the reactive gameplay tuning necessitated by Battlemode balancing is making its way into the single player game - most infamously by nerfing the ice grenade tactic against the marauder, but also things like the ballista apparently being coded to be especially weak against possessed enemies (although it's unclear if that made it into the final release or if it was something Hugo mentioned they were toying with). Being unable to break the weak points of possessed enemies also seems like an admission on the part of the developers that they had accidentally designed a system that was too easily exploited by highly skilled players. In general the DLC feels like we're witnessing "power creep" in a Doom game and it's unclear how much further they can push it before things get entirely unmanageable by mere mortal players. If the DLC was advertised as being like the "Master Levels" I would probably like it more - except Doom Eternal is already supposed to have a bunch of Master Levels, and that feature has been severely delayed if not quietly dropped. Also the need for an official id-made slaughter set is somewhat undercut by the work of PC modders who have invented stuff like the ersatz "Horde Mode" that has already been maxing out the insanity.
  7. Linguica

    DOS Doom Code Execution

    A proof of concept WAD, with supporting documentation / code, is perfectly fine as a milestone to hit. It's possible that there could be a use for this sort of thing (something for checking demo compatibility? Coding a TASbot demo for GDQ?) but no one has thought of it yet.
  8. I can still remember playing the Doom shareware in the summer of 1994 and feeling like E1M3 was enormous, with the multiple-stage secret to get into the area with the soulsphere pillar, and then with the window overlooking the secret area leading to the secret exit, and even later with the secret with the invisibility sphere etc overlooking an outdoor area with the enigmatic mountain peaks in the distance. Could I go there? At the time I had no idea what the "scope" of Doom was exactly and the multiple layered secrets of the level made it feel potentially unlimited.
  9. Linguica

    DOS Doom Code Execution

    Having a self contained ACE inside a WAD is very appealing especially if it can be finagled to "just work" under source ports as well. Putting it inside a DSG however makes it more "obvious" that it is a special DOS-payload. Both are worthwhile avenues to explore. ?? Potential ACE inside the BSP tree? What is the theory behind this?
  10. Linguica

    DOS Doom Code Execution

    ACE stands for Arbitrary Code Execution. Webster's dictionary defines arbitrary as "not restrained or limited". If you want to stick Quake inside Doom, then sure, go ahead.
  11. Linguica

    DOS Doom Code Execution

    This is such strange concern trolling considering no such DOS mods even exist. Imagine if you saw a thread about a GZDoom mod where a poster says that they were concerned that such projects excluded DOS users, and the poster came to the thread looking for content for DOS Doom. They would be rightly laughed out of the thread for their absurd entitlement.
  12. Linguica

    DOS Doom Code Execution

    Very interesting work! Is this the first "real" ACE for DOS Doom? In any event I don't expect this to be of any "practical" use but that is not a reason to not pursue it.
  13. The thesis of the video appears to be that he wants to troll people by saying Doom is the Citizen Kane of video games but first he needs to talk himself into a plausible reason for saying it, which happens to take 3 hours. You can just say it you know!
  14. The difference is not the texture, but the type of linedef. Most walls are 1S (one-sided) linedefs. The engine's collision code knows how to handle these pretty well. Some walls however are 2S (two-sided) flagged as "impassible" which stops the player from running through them. These are used for "see-through" textures like fences etc. The problem however is that the Doom engine does not actually check for 2S impassible lines in the collision code. It ends up using a fallback "stairstep" method which moves the player orthogonally along the X or Y axis. For axis-aligned lines this will coincidentally feel pretty much "normal" and instead manifests on a diagonal 2S impassible line where it feels like you are running along a jagged surface. The "canonical" place to experience it is on the chainsaw ledge on Doom 2 Map01.
  15. Linguica

    Do you guys even lift?

    I used to love to go to the gym before coronavirus. Now I am a weak baby and it sucks.
  16. I see this this thread has already gone from "boomer shooters, what's the deal?" to the usual culture war adjacent stuff which we get enough of already.
  17. I don't know what this purported "boomer shooter community" is and I don't consider myself a part of it.
  18. Linguica

    Should TC's be eligible for Cacowards?

    We had this dilemma in 2018 for Total Chaos, which people liked a lot but which was so, so different from Doom that we weren't sure what to do with it - it was basically a brand new game that happened to use the GZDoom engine. So we invented an award for that exact scenario called, and I quote, "The Spaceship of Theseus - A noteworthy project that has become so removed from Doom that we're not even sure what to consider it." So that kind of marks the outer limits of what we consider awardable.
  19. Linguica

    PsyDoom 1.1.1 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    If they are on archive.org I don't mind if they're linked, I'm not archive.org's lawyer.
  20. It's still a good idea as far as I am concerned because some sort of intermediate format is necessary to be able to "scrub" a demo's timeline, and any source port that added such a feature would surely find an audience. Even if it was just generating the intermediate format internally without saving to disk, once a single source port had it working it could publish a reference implementation for other ports or tools to follow if they so desired.
  21. I know this sort of thing has been discussed in chatrooms to some extent although there's never been any formal community effort since those seem to seldom go well. The gist of the discussions was to take the existing savegame code, which already serializes most of the game state, and overhaul / repurpose it as the demo format, maybe even by delta compressing the savegame each tic / having occasional I-frames to use video encoding terminology.
  22. Linguica

    Stupid BSP Tricks

    So I was thinking about the NODES structure of levels ( http://doomwiki.org/wiki/Node ) and how part of the structure is defining the bounding box surrounding each of the child nodes. This bounding box is used for a quick-n-dirty visibility calculation for the back side of a partition line. The engine takes the two appropriate corners of the bounding box and calculates if any part of that bounding box is even in the player's field of view; if not, it skips descending that part of the BSP tree at all, because why bother. It made me wonder what would happen if you manually edited the bounding box for a node. So I made a simple WAD: Then hex edited the NODES structure to make one of the bounding boxes not match its actual location. As you can see, the left child of this node is now a tiny little box off outside the map, not actually covering the center sector like it ought to. Anyways, here's the result: In the GIF I am turning back and forth so the tiny far-off bounding box enters and leaves the edge of my vision. I'm honestly surprised it worked in ZDoom because I thought ZDoom rebuilt nodes or otherwise did some futzing with them. Anyways, so yeah, it lets you hide something in plain sight, because the engine can't "see" the bounding box around it so it doesn't bother trying to draw anything there. I guess this applies to walls, floors, and things all. Dunno if there's any useful purpose to this, I just thought it was neat.