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  1. If the MIDIs aren't named in one of the text files included in the package(s) then I would have absolutely no idea how to find out.
  2. Linguica

    Do you use texture filtering? Why or why not?

    I strongly agree that a simple bilinear filtering blur is particularly savage on the Doom assets, which were never intended to have that sort of obscene smoothness applied.
  3. As the admin I guess I better respond. I gave Not Jabba permission to mod the thread at his discretion and I have left it alone. I can't offer my opinion on the content at issue directly, because I haven't played any of the WADs in question or seen the easter eggs, but I was convinced that the primary concern is with the pattern of behavior across multiple WADs and not with the specific, particular content in this latest WAD. It's a difficult question to ask what to do about a pattern of behavior that is not in forum posts directly but is exhibited in a series of WADs promoted in forum posts. Not Jabba made a convincing argument to me that it was worth addressing in this instance because to do otherwise would be to effectively vindicate an ongoing trend. I assure you I have no desire to act as a censoring authority over Doom WADs. That said this is still an online social media community where I don't want to tolerate antisocial behavior, and it's not appropriate to ignore behavior just because it's being hidden inside WADs.
  4. Linguica

    A 1 in 5,000,000 occurrence

    If the graph doesn't follow a normal distribution how can you say this? Obviously the numbers aren't well-distributed. It seems like it could make a significant difference.
  5. Linguica

    thoughts on Thy Flesh Consumed

    FWIW so long as there's no direct links to warez etc, and it's not a project by a forum member (which makes it rude), I am not going to care if someone says they pirated something. I used to pirate things (but of course I do not pirate anything now and I have not pirated anything at any point while a legal adult citizen of this country, of course WINK) and hell I didn't own a legal copy of Doom 2 for years after release. I'm a forum mod, not a cop.
  6. Linguica

    Brutal Doom creator speaks about past controversies

    I think what people are looking for is a holistic acknowledgement that it is in fact 8 or 10 years later and some of the stuff in Brutal Doom years ago was problematic for various reasons but you're older and wiser now blah blah. Surely you could make things easier on yourself by pleading youthful indiscretion and being able to conclusively move on. More personally I would love to stop reading the same couple of secondhand factoids over and over forever, or at least be able to link a clear and comprehensive acknowledgement of all the various accusations that float around and be able to put them to rest.
  7. Linguica

    Romero tweets that Doom is 3D.

    If you think Doom isn't 3D then explain how you can shoot a rocket over / under an enemy without hitting it. The end.
  8. Linguica

    MAYhem: 2020 Edition - On Idgames!

    For the record I want to state that I literally only just now learned that the theme of Mayhem 2020 is basically a spiritual sequel to 10 Sectors, the Boom-compatible, month-long WAD project I ran 20 years ago and which Not Jabba has described as the "first community project." Somehow this has been developed completely under my nose on my own website without me ever finding out about it. This is an absurd year all around.
  9. Linguica

    Stupid Dehacked Tricks

    I was clued into https://rbkz.blogspot.com/2020/05/magical-missile-mystery-tour.html where @Ribbiks was screwing around with Dehacked sourcery. I was moved to research the quartet of action functions that involve the "tracer" field of the mobj. Here are some conclusions. First, here's a simplified list of the functions. I have renamed "target" and "tracer" to "A" and "B" because I find the names of those fields more confusing than helpful. SKELMISSILE: spawn newmobj at actor VILETARGET: spawn newmobj at location of actor.A actor.B = newmobj IN COMMON FOR SPAWNING NEW MOBJ: newmobj.A = actor newmobj.B = actor.A VILEATTACK: move mobj at actor.B to location of actor.A FIRE: check line of sight between actor.A and actor.B move actor to location of actor.B So you can combine these in some interesting ways. For instance, if you do VILETARGET immediately followed by FIRE, you get: spawn newmobj at actor.A newmobj.A = actor newmobj.B = actor.A actor.B = newmobj check sight between actor.A and actor.B (trivial) move actor to location of actor.B This results in the enemy teleporting right up to you. TELEPORT.DEH.zip Or, as Ribbiks showed, you can do SKELMISSILE and then have the missile call VILEATTACK: spawn newmobj at actor newmobj.A = actor newmobj.B = actor.A move newmobj.B to location of newmobj.A This results in the enemy teleporting its target right up to it! It also happens to hurt itself with the archvile blast and die in this case in the process lol. COMEHERE.DEH.zip BE CAREFUL TRYING THESE, THEY HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO CRASH YOUR SOURCE PORT AND/OR SYSTEM. I MANAGED TO HARD LOCK DOSBOX ENTIRELY BY RUNNING ONE IN DOOM2.EXE
  10. Linguica

    Stupid Dehacked Tricks

    The problem is that the arachnotron has a radius of 64 (compare the player's 16). I can try to foolproof it by making the archie fire bigger but it's placed 24 units away from the player so I can't make it much wider than that or otherwise it will get stuck on the player. The projectile that spawns the monster could also be of 64 radius, but that means a whole lot of fireballs ends up blowing up on nearby geometry and don't spawn anything.
  11. Linguica

    Stupid Dehacked Tricks

    Not particularly, it's more robust than you'd think. Because it's an invisible archvile fire effect, it gets placed directly in front of the player. The archie fire then moonwalks itself backwards instantaneously, which means it can bump into things and change course and so forth, and its final position is by definition valid because it validly walked itself there. It only seems to really "fail" when it spawns a monster on the edge of a ledge so it's stuck in place.
  12. Linguica

    Stupid Dehacked Tricks

    Geez, this was almost embarrassingly easy in comparison. Why not turn the archvile into a bona fide summoner? SUMMONER.DEH.zip (I used the revenant fireball for the spawn pointer but I think any projectile type would work?)
  13. Linguica

    Stupid Dehacked Tricks

    Give the archvile flame a negative speed, let it wake up and walk several steps with 0-length frames, then you have a spot somewhere pseudorandomly in front of the player to screw around with. One could use this concept to make, say, damaging area denial spots pop up in front of the player randomly. ARCHHELP.DEH.zip
  14. Linguica

    DoomTracer - Raytraced Doom on the CPU

    I was trying to compile it on a Mac, and as it's a long-dead project I was only able to get it half working, and quickly lost interest. It would certainly be nice to see someone modernize it as a Chocolate Doom fork!
  15. Vanilla gameplay mods have never really been a thing, since DeHackEd is so limited that a generic gameplay mod will end up seeming very Doomish anyway. I am a little surprised no one has seriously tried to "demake" Brutal Doom into vanilla though.
  16. Linguica

    Stupid Dehacked Tricks

    idk IDK.DEH.zip
  17. Linguica

    Stupid Dehacked Tricks

    I accidentally realized that putting the SpawnFly code pointer in an enemy's attack state will forcibly set the reactiontime to -1, and so the monster will never attack you again, unless attacked first, which resets reactiontime to 0 and lets a single attack happen in return. You can also set the monster's reaction time in Dehacked to -1 so that it will never attack first. This effectively makes a "NPC" which walks around, doesn't attack you, and will do a tit-for-tat retaliation if hit, but not with the cheesy edited pain state like I've seen. I edited the trooper for a sample DEH: NPC.DEH.zip
  18. Linguica

    Stupid Dehacked Tricks

    Variation on a theme... OHMYGOD.DEH.zip
  19. Linguica

    Stupid Dehacked Tricks

    I STRONGLY suggest turning your volume way down for this one. The spawn cube is the only projectile in the game that has a target set - to a spawn target, naturally. But what if the spawn target(s) followed the player around? SPWNSPOT.DEH.zip
  20. Linguica

    Stupid Dehacked Tricks

    @Quasar suggests that what is happening is that the constantly spawning tracer puffs eventually overwrite the memory location of the vanished archvile fire it was originally homing on, and so the fireball changes its homing target to a random tracer puff. This explains why the fireballs seem to sort of clump and migrate towards one another. It also sort of makes it a system of strange attractors which is pretty cool.
  21. Linguica

    Stupid Dehacked Tricks

    I have observed something very odd. I was screwing with that patch on Map16 with fast monsters. I got a revenant to make a big long fire trail, then I killed the revenant and observed the fire trails. I expected them all to last forever because they're "endlessly" circling but I was very wrong. If you don't want to watch the whole video here is a GIF showing off the gist of it. What is going on here? This is not a random walk or anything. Something is causing these endlessly circling revenant balls to occasionally "migrate" in clearly established directions. My only thought is that the revenant fireball's tracer pointer is being trashed when the fire it's tracing disappears, and occasionally that memory address... gets overwritten with something relating to another one of the live and moving enemies on the map (of which Map16 has a ton)? It's very weird stuff.
  22. Linguica

    Stupid Dehacked Tricks

    So something like this? FLAMES.DEH.zip
  23. Linguica

    Recent remaster craze

    Yes please.
  24. Linguica

    Is it really clever and sophisticated?

    I think the idea is that if you actively think of your own thing as "clever and sophisticated" then that is a sign that you are more concerned with feeding your own ego than making the best thing you can make.
  25. Linguica

    Stupid Dehacked Tricks

    If I do SKELMISSILE and then have the fireball do VILETARGET, it sets the tracer for the revenant missile to a flame on top of the revenant, which makes it boomerang back, or sometimes get stuck in a loop. BOOMRANG.DEH.zip