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  1. Linguica

    Stupid Dehacked Tricks

    If I do SKELMISSILE and then have the fireball do VILETARGET, it sets the tracer for the revenant missile to a flame on top of the revenant, which makes it boomerang back, or sometimes get stuck in a loop. BOOMRANG.DEH.zip
  2. Linguica

    Stupid Dehacked Tricks

    The effects of these DEHs are probably extremely non memory safe. God knows what memory it's stomping on when it runs, I haven't tested it much. That is left as an exercise for the reader.
  3. DID YOU KNOW: I am the person who first discovered that ION Storm had trademarked the phrase "Suck It Down". For some reason I had searched the trademark database and found it, and all I could think to do with the information was to send it to Old Man Murray, which was a crude (in multiple senses) online gaming blog of the time. "The Smoking Gun" was a Onion-esque blog I was running at the time. Everybody read OMM at the time so everyone clowned on ION Storm / Romero over it. It ended up becoming a self-aware joke in the advertising and in the game itself, which had a joke about the trademark status as a rare quit message:
  4. Linguica

    Kernel-mode anticheat is a huge nope

    How soon should encrypted-memory-by-default be the hardware standard, Gooberman?
  5. Linguica

    The Griddler

    what. WHAT
  6. "The Shareware Scene, Part 3: The id Boys" https://www.filfre.net/2020/05/the-shareware-scene-part-3-the-id-boys/ A blogger named "The Digital Antiquarian" is writing a series on the history of shareware which naturally intersects with Mesquite in the early 90s. The result is extremely well written and acts as a more grounded counterbalance to the somewhat bowdlerized version laid down in Masters of Doom. I know nobody reads anything anymore and you probably aren't even reading these words right now, but they're good I swear.
  7. I'm not emotionally drained by the drama surrounding Doom Eternal at all. Doom has proven to be basically immortal at this point so I can gawk at the latest statue of Ozymandias and wonder what the next one will be like.
  8. Linguica

    Floppy (I)WAD

    What are the rules? Surely you need to include the EXE on the floppy as well. Could you include utils to, like, create a RAM disk and then unzip the IWAD into memory? Should you include DOS itself on the disk so it could run on a computer with no hard drive at all?
  9. Linguica

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Very neat. If you are adept in this sort of coding I would suggest you take a look at https://sourceforge.net/projects/doomtracer/ which is a long-dead CPU-based raytracer based on Chocolate Doom. If we could make raytraced recording of Doom demos that would be excellent.
  10. As @SaladBadger mentions several years ago I changed the idgames text generator to conform to CC licenses for this sort of reason. It made me feel kind of dumb that I hadn't done it years sooner since the default idgames legalese was something that some random non lawyer wrote in 1994 based on some vague notion. I would still love to have some sort of discourse with Bethesda Legal to know just what it is they think about Doom WADs anyway.
  11. How can PWADs be canon when there are IWADs that aren't canon??
  12. Linguica

    Warnings on Doomworld. (now suspensions)

    No idea. I recently had to reset the search index so I don't know if it's done re-indexing. I might also have to see if I can have it recalculate counters.
  13. Linguica

    Warnings on Doomworld. (now suspensions)

    "Warning points" mean nothing as an absolute number because they have no expiration date. So a ten year old account has more warning points than a one year old account... OK? Obviously? Same with reputation points. There is a leaderboard by the way
  14. Linguica

    Generating words out of the UAC logo texture

    This is a good example of the web / darkweb disconnect, as @Scuba Steve on Discord has since figured out all 26 letters and some punctuation to boot. all-letters.zip So I did the obvious thing and made a WAD with (most of) the Navy Seal copypasta. navyseal.wad.zip There is another copypasta I am aware of but I will leave it as an exercise for the reader.
  15. I heard that the Marauder is a real bastard so I read the tutorial popup when the first one appeared. It says to stay at a certain distance (with a video example playing) and to shoot quickly when the opening appears. I did this and constantly circle strafed around the Marauder trying to maintain a ~256 unit range (in classic Doom dimensions), SSGing when the green flash appeared, and beat it on the first try? Are people simple refusing to follow the directions?
  16. Linguica


    Welcome to the Doomworld forums blah blah blah. I'm still working out the kinks but hopefully everything should hold together and not blow up in your face. Try not to start posting flames for at least a few days :P
  17. Linguica

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    Map shot for the unwary:
  18. Linguica

    Army of Darkness TC

    I feel like Aslan. Do not cite AOD-DOOM in DOS to me, I was there when it was written... AOD-DOOM had new sprites and flats so you can't play it in DOS using the -file command. You have to use a utility to create a new IWAD with the custom stuff embedded in it and then run DOS Doom using that custom IWAD. In 1996 this was considered fairly "normal" as there was no better option. Teaching someone to do this from scratch in 2020 is kind of absurd however. You might as well use Chocolate Doom https://www.chocolate-doom.org/wiki/index.php/Army_of_Darkness_Doom
  19. Linguica

    Eternal takes place in id multiverse?

    I mean, there's the dopefish in the Cultist Base level...
  20. Linguica

    Coronavirus pandemic chat [no medical advice plz]

    It appears to usually take 2 or 3 weeks for a person who catches coronavirus to, well, die. Numbers will continue to rise until then.
  21. Tormentor667 has responded on his personal site: https://www.realm667.com/index.php/en/home/archiv/17-site-news/2239-statement-regarding-the-plagiarism-accusation so I will reopen this for the time being.
  22. I am closing this thread for the time being since it's becoming the free-for-all I was hoping it wouldn't.