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  1. The server is being brutally murdered by the mass F5s at the moment (is a 1000% load average good?) but I figure that means the drama is self-limiting.
  2. Early warning that this is not going to be allowed to turn into a drama bomb and the accursed mods will be watching.
  3. Doom Eternal has no secret "classic" rooms as far as I know, but the Fortress of Doom should have had a "classic" Doom bathroom with doomcute sector art toilet.
  4. He claims the Doom comic is the pivot point for the transition of the series and even mentions that most fans have never seen one IRL. Oh so where did they see it then NCG???
  5. Linguica

    Doomguy emits light, anyway of removing it?

    There is no easy way to circumvent Doom's weird lighting model. You basically have to live with it.
  6. Linguica

    I'm a bit confused by the lore tbh

    There's no evidence of a real "heaven" in the game. The Khan Maykr beneath her armor is an archvile alien. Seems to me that the Maykrs are an alien race that developed superadvanced tech and were able to extend their lifespans indefinitely and developed Argent technology to that end (so basically what Hayden was doing but on a larger scale).
  7. Apparently the "minor rendering optimization" mentioned is an implementation of reversed visplane sorting, as discussed in this old thread
  8. What you are describing sounds like a rolling shutter effect but in reverse. Rather than a CMOS sensor scanning from top to bottom and so capturing continued motion in successive lines as it scans down the image, with vsync off your computer is pumping out multiple frames during the 60hz update that are being displayed in horizontal slices. As you turn left a pillar will continue to move to the right from your point of view during the course of a single frame so the bottom will be further to the right and the whole thing will appear to lean to the left.
  9. Linguica

    I Sawed The BFG

    I expect I will use some sort of putty to fill in the gap after I design some way to hold them together. But this is all for fun, not for a museum show piece. I literally sawed the thing in half ffs.
  10. Linguica

    I Sawed The BFG

    Bonus shot
  11. Linguica

    I Sawed The BFG

    Not sure what I am going to end up doing with it, possibly mount it in a frame and hang it on a wall. I bought the roargun a couple years ago with the intention of doing this but I finally bought a band saw for something else so I figured it was as good a time as any. If you are upset by the destruction then good thing I didn't document last year when I removed the staples / sliced through the glue on a Doom comic book so I could scan it.
  12. Linguica

    Is the forum search working?

    It's been up and down lately since the search server doubles as the static image server and the whole thing is working overtime with Doom Eternal and all. It works fine for a while and then falls over again. The only option is probably to bite the bullet and pay for a beefier server. I have been putting it off because I was having a minor panic attack over LetsEncrypt breaking and the SSL certificate for Doomworld was due to expire, uh, now-ish? So I was busy sorting that all out first.
  13. Linguica

    Finished the Campaign - Impressions (Spoilers)

    It would explain why VEGA was in the giant polar complex in Doom 2016:
  14. Linguica

    Finished the Campaign - Impressions (Spoilers)

    I instantly noticed that when I heard the Seraphim saying that line. There is definitely more going on there, given that
  15. Linguica

    Coronavirus pandemic chat [no medical advice plz]

    This is a Doom forum. No one is qualified to offer medical advice here and certainly no one should be taking medical advice from a Doom forum. Please don't spread rumors of potential treatments or cures.
  16. Linguica

    Doom Bot / AI by Sunbeam

    Excellent work! I love seeing progress in Doom bots. Another feature this would enable would be to use the waypoints to drive an HUD compass or similar in order to give people an automatic "help system" for a given PWAD.
  17. https://www.trueachievements.com/n41096/doom-eternal-achievement-list-revealed
  18. Linguica

    Doom Eternal early copy spoilers

    *world's largest wanking motion*
  19. Linguica

    Coronavirus pandemic chat [no medical advice plz]

    I'm not worried about the virus in particular, since there is effectively nothing to be done, but I am worried about what happens when it exposes that the American financial system is no more resilient than it was in 2008 and in fact is likely far weaker in ways that have been carefully papered over.
  20. Linguica

    This is Woof! 14.5.0 (Apr 30, 2024)

    Why not do it yourself if you want to know?
  21. Linguica

    IGN First Look stuff

    IGN is apparently doing a "First Look" dealy on Doom Eternal in February, so we have the first video talky segment posted. DOOM Eternal Doesn't Waste Your Time In short: they are both very positive about the game and consider it a GOTY contender. Here's a bad real time machine transcript I made as I watched it:
  22. Linguica

    Rescaling Romero's Goodies

    Just use the original files and not the PNG versions?