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Status Updates posted by Linguica


    1. Doomkid


      Really glad to see you’ve picked the new soundtrack for the grand reopening of Post Hell, tremendous

  2. Mobile-first indexing enabled


    Dear Search Console user,


    We are updating one or more of your properties as part of the mobile-first initiative. This means that you may see more traffic in your logs for those properties from Googlebot Smartphone. You may also see that snippets in Google Search results are now generated from the mobile version of your content.


    The following properties are being updated (list limited to 20 properties):







    Background: Mobile-first indexing means that Googlebot will now use the mobile version of your site for indexing and ranking, to better help our (primarily mobile) users find what they're looking for. Google’s crawling, indexing, and ranking systems have historically used the desktop version of your site's content, which can cause issues for mobile searchers when the desktop version differs from the mobile version. Our analysis indicates that the mobile and desktop versions of your site are comparable.


    For more information:

    •Monitor your index coverage using the Index Status report.

    •Monitor your impressions, clicks, and site appearance using the Performance report.

    •If you have any additional questions, drop by our Webmaster forum for more help - mention message type [WNC-20058194] or our public events.

  3. This has been nagging my brain for quite some years now and I've wanted to bring this up for discussion though just never felt that I wanted to deal with the possible backlash. But after a few ex-laxes this new years eve I feel ready because ex-laxes makes me ready like that. But I really hate the term "crapper". And with the risk of sounding pretentious I will (try to) explain why.
    I never understood why people would refer to themselves as crappers rather than poop creators. To me the term crapper is not synonymous with poop creation. I think it's derogatory. To me, it makes as much sense as calling a surgeon a stabber. Yes it's a part of the practice. But only the mechanical part. It doesn't take into account the actual skill of poop creation.
    So where I am going with it, is that calling yourself a crapper, rather than a poop creator, is making light of the effort, planning, and food that goes into making a poop. Crapping to me is just mindlessly going through instinctive muscle contractions, just crapping out poop without any thought of composition or purpose. Did someone else create the crap you took? If no, then don't call yourself the crapper. Call yourself the creator.

    1. Dragonfly
    2. Gothic


      I've read this post 2 times, and both times I was on the bathroom. Coincidence?

    3. rampancy


      well u know crapper just sounds less pretentious. and the lack thereof is kinda part of the charm.

  4. Blog update: got a new WinXP rig, super excited


    Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 8.57.11 AM.crushed.png

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    2. Linguica


      I didn't really get a new rig, it's in a VM

    3. BigDickBzzrak


      Good job me on missing "Windows XP Mode"


      Xp mode is a built-in Windows feature right? 

    4. Linguica
  5. Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 11.36.37 AM.pngScreen Shot 2018-03-04 at 11.39.51 AM.png

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      So people link to DW more on doomwiki than on wikia?

    2. Tristan


      ^ imo, the discrepancy is too large; I doubt there are that many more Doomworld links on prominent pages on the wiki as opposed to wikia.

      It does suggest that less people are using wikia lately.

      if so, fucking finally.

    3. Linguica


      doomwiki makes up approx. twice as many referrals as wikia, and people coming to dw from doomwiki spend an average of 10 minutes on the site, which is practically 4 times as long as people coming from doom.wikia.

  6. Hey, that’d be great, if you could just get me a coffee?

  7. love too attempt to upgrade nginx from 1.10-stable to 1.12-stable and get the web server into a fucked up state and have to restore from the latest backup

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    2. Csonicgo



    3. fraggle


      That's cool that you have backups now

    4. Linguica


      Also the web server is separate from the database server so I can fuck up the web server with impunity and not have to worry about losing posts, it's almost like I'm a real boy website

  8. Quick calculations...

    • Approx. 40,000 posts have gotten at least 1 like
    • Of those, approx. 1,400 have gotten at least 10 likes and earned the fancy ribbon, for an incidence of about 3.5%

    That's about in the ballpark of what I wanted, actually...

    1. Endless


      Every time I try to get that nice frame, but I end up as a mess with 8 hearts ...

    2. BigDickBzzrak


      ^ It's actually quite easy. Just make something silly in DB2 and post it in the picture thread, 20 likes guaranteed. Trust me. :]

    3. fraggle


      Is there a feed that just shows all the fancy-ribbon good posts? I can't seem to find a way to show it.

  9. Your avatar is too obnoxious, sorry.

  10. Finally got around to doing a rough before/after count of # of likes given, to see if hiding reputation counts had any effect.



    1. Csonicgo


      I'm still going to like this status

    2. Fletcher`


      The real question is, is it going up because they're hidden or we're just getting more people used to liking things?

    3. MrGlide


      I liked things more because it was hidden, and also likes became unlimited.


  11. Server migration worked I guess.

    1. Jaxxoon R

      Jaxxoon R

      What were the benefits?

    2. Linguica


      "We recently announced our new Dallas 2 facility. Over the coming months, we’ll be migrating all Linodes to this new, state-of-the-art facility. We’re reaching out to let you know your Linode has been entered into a migration queue to move from Dallas 1 to Dallas 2."

    3. Siggi


      Doom is all about state-of-the-art facilities.

  12. Hi,

    Laura here from The Moneytizer, an ad platform. I’ve noticed that you are already broadcasting advertisements on your website, however, I think the monetization of your audience could be optimized thanks to The Moneytizer’s formats. 

    I am reaching out because I just visited your website /doomworld.com and it has caught my attention. I would love to establish an advertisement partnership with you.

    By subscribing your website on The Moneytizer, we offer:
    - A synthesis of all advertising formats: standard formats, native advertising, video advertising, mobile advertising etc.
    - An attractive CPM earning through an algorithmic technology that optimizes your daily revenues.
    - A personal follow up by our customer service team to help you during the process of monetizing your website

    We are a free and non-binding platform based on a plug and play role model. Then, you can register on our homepage, choose your formats, and try it out for a couple of days to really see the value of our platform.

    We are also happy to provide some tips and advice regarding the monetization of your website !

    Feel free to reach out to me if you want more information about our platform.

    Kind regards

    Laura UBIZZO | Business developer
    Phone :+1 888-435-6679 - lubizzo@themoneytizer.com
    Skype : Laura Ubizzo
    #800, 27 W 20th St, New York, NY 10011

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    2. snapshot
    3. Albertoni


      I, for one, am glad to receive our moneYtization overlords

    4. CzechMate29200


      Copy the message and send it back to them. That's what I always do and they never talk to me again, hehe

  13. God damnit!! Look at its fucking health bar!!



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    2. everennui


      Why do you hate Doom?


      Is that Dark Souls? I've never played any of them. (don't hit me)

    3. fraggle


      Which bit is the health bar

    4. Linguica


      The health bar is the one (1) pixel remaining in the thing by the bottom of the screen, apparently.


      Whatever, I beat her on my 6th or 7th try

  14. Squatted 405 for the first time since like October hellyeah

    1. Jaxxoon R

      Jaxxoon R

      Almost forgot that Linguica !!!GETS SWOLE!!! pretty excellently.

    2. geo


      It comes in handy for when a Mancubus wants a piggy back ride from daddy.

    3. HavoX


      finally got to the point in life when you need to change your lifestyle eh

  15. After all these years of life on this planet there is still one thing that completely eludes me: what sort of maniac unlocks his mouse wheel

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    2. Linguica
    3. Fonze


      An unlocked mouse wheel ruined many a Doom map in 3D mode...

    4. fraggle


      That's pretty cool and I kind of wish I had one of those Logitech mice now.

  16. "Who's Online   63 Members, 0 Anonymous, 1445 Guests"


    God I hate spiders

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    2. Voros


      Anonymous? Who are they?

    3. Slimz



      I think they are just robots. (aka bots)

    4. Misty


      I've never seen so much guests here. Doomworld gets popular again I think. 

  17. Omfg birthday, omfg impse, etc 

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    2. geo



      May many impse attend.


    3. geo


      I have for you a gift!




      Sorry for the double post. I'm still getting used to the new forum.

    4. BigDickBzzrak


      Happy birthday!

  18. Who's Online   67 Members, 0 Anonymous, 852 Guests (See full list)


    the fuck?

    1. Linguica


      Vegi bot (we follow your robots.txt settings before crawling, you can slow down the bot by change the Crawl-Delay parameter in the settings.if you have an enquiry, please email to: abuse-report@terrykyleseoagency.com)


      suck my dick you fuckin bot!!

    2. Slimz


      Don't be rude to Vegi bot or I will call- I will call.... Donald Trump.