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  1. On 8/8/2021 at 2:38 PM, Redneckerz said:

    That is most bizarre, because i didnt do anything to the wad besides archiving it. Pinging @Linguica, is this an hidden experiment?


    Nope. I can only imagine I deleted it from my web space for some reason I can't fathom. The hex edit is clearly a plain old 404 link. From looking at the link I literally pasted in the simple Python code I used to generate the colormap so I don't think it's a huge loss.

  2. FYI: if you want to farm Doom Levels, get to the final boss and then exit to the main menu and reload the final boss encounter (from the main menu for me it's down-down-enter-enter-enter-up-enter). Every time the fight starts you gain another Doom Level. You can use the console and the disconnect or leavegame command to instantly kick yourself out to the main menu after, sadly I can't find any way to reload the level with a console command.

  3. I imagine you have seen https://readonlymemory.vg/a-brief-history-of-speedrunning/ but I will paste a relevant section:



    Usenet, according to the fan created Doom Wiki, was the ‘online birthplace of the Doom community in 1993.’ Doom’s popularity in other groups on the site necessitated its own subgroups, among which was alt.games.doom. This was also, incidentally, at the height of Usenet: the September before Doom’s release, the internet provider America Online moved away from exclusively offering access to Usenet to university students, and they began providing the forums to a larger section of its users. As more users found their way to the forums, so did more Doom players. Anyone who was anyone playing Doom, until the creation of a dedicated forum site in 1998 called Doomworld, was on Usenet.


    Usenet offered the chance for people who loved Doom to find like-minded people – they shared anything from tips and tricks to experiences dreaming about the game, each post tinged with a sense of communal familiarity. ‘Man, I had the weirdest dream,’ wrote one user. ‘The layout in this dream had a similar floor plan to the first high school I went to, Vancouver Technical … for those of you familiar with its floor plan, you’ll understand how suitable it is for a level in Doom.’


    As for visualizations, Google Groups is about the only thing still around that still has conversations from that time period. Here is a post announcing the Doom Honorific Titles: https://groups.google.com/g/alt.games.doom/c/tlTGtnpCR1A/m/ENuiCMxGnoUJ although the presentation would have looked somewhat different as there were dedicated newsreader programs for reading and posting on Usenet.



  4. I choose to interpret this as "where would you feel comfortable sleeping if you were teleported into a stock Doom / Doom 2 map?" and my answer is the secret room in the red key building in Map02. Unreachable by the demons, there's a window, and an emergency teleport exit if things go bad.

  5. DLC1 doubles down on all of the aspects of Doom Eternal I liked the least. At a moment when I expected the story to start wrapping up loose ends instead it's getting even more incoherent. (They had to introduce The Intern because they literally ran out of characters to talk to Doomguy, and I dare you to go back and explain the plot of Doom 2016 in light of new information.) The new enemies require hitting weak points or waiting for a moment of vulnerability, making the gameplay loop even more complex and stuffed with variables than it already was. Empowered Demons, which were originally touted as an invasion-style mechanic, are basically a joke now and are the lowliest of the three - THREE! - entirely distinct monster buffs that now exist in the game and get layered into arena battles with increasing baroqueness.


    I also dislike how the reactive gameplay tuning necessitated by Battlemode balancing is making its way into the single player game - most infamously by nerfing the ice grenade tactic against the marauder, but also things like the ballista apparently being coded to be especially weak against possessed enemies (although it's unclear if that made it into the final release or if it was something Hugo mentioned they were toying with). Being unable to break the weak points of possessed enemies also seems like an admission on the part of the developers that they had accidentally designed a system that was too easily exploited by highly skilled players. In general the DLC feels like we're witnessing "power creep" in a Doom game and it's unclear how much further they can push it before things get entirely unmanageable by mere mortal players.


    If the DLC was advertised as being like the "Master Levels" I would probably like it more - except Doom Eternal is already supposed to have a bunch of Master Levels, and that feature has been severely delayed if not quietly dropped. Also the need for an official id-made slaughter set is somewhat undercut by the work of PC modders who have invented stuff like the ersatz "Horde Mode" that has already been maxing out the insanity.

  6. A proof of concept WAD, with supporting documentation / code, is perfectly fine as a milestone to hit. It's possible that there could be a use for this sort of thing (something for checking demo compatibility? Coding a TASbot demo for GDQ?) but no one has thought of it yet.