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    2. plums


      40oz said:

      Is it? I private message people all the time. Should I be embarrassed or something? Most of the time when making threads about a question, I can usually think of people who id be most interested in hearing the answer from. So I just contact them directly instead of boring myself with the fluff of reading other peoples thoughts on it.

      I don't think you should be embarrassed, but a good counter-point to doing that is that with PMs the questions or answers are not made public, when they might be of interest or help to other people. Depends what kind of questions you are talking about though.

      Having said that, I appreciate your desire to just cut to the chase when you want to hear from just a few people.

    3. Voros


      What am I looking at here?

    4. Linguica


      all the DW PMs rendered as a graph

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