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  1. Statistics show that the use of online discussion forums decreases. We want to change that together with Doomworld.com!

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Doomworld.com is listed as one of the biggest forums in the world. We think that it should remain that way!

    Statistics tells us of a decreasing trend for online discussion forums. Forum usage is strongly influenced by the availability, usability and the quality of the content (as well as external factors). Inappropriate posts, inappropriate content and Internet trolls are a danger to all Internet forums. iMatrics would like to help you to offer your users the best experience possible by collecting valuable feedback both from the forum owners and the users. Based on this feedback we will in return propose profitable improvements, all this within the scope of a pilot project.

    Being a part of iMatrics pilot project team will give you access to new innovative tools before they are made available for everyone! Here Doomworld.com can benefit from valuable advantages. iMatrics is a Swedish startup company. We develop solutions for Internet forums to enhance the user experience, combat Internet trolls and counteract declining user numbers.

    Increase User Experience
    Declare war on Internet Trolls
    Attract more Traffic

    We would be very happy if you could give us a little of your time for a first contact. Please reply to this email with contact details of a person in charge.

    With its high quality content and a new degree of user-friendliness Doomworld.com can create that decisive competitive advantage! For further questions I am always happy to help. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards



    +01 23 45 67 89


    iMatrics AB is a member of LEAD business incubator

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. dg93


      Linguica said:

      Declare war on Internet Trolls

      Troll Lives Matter

    3. RaphaelMode


      the_miano said:

      Troll Lives Matter

      trolling is like sex and almost everything else, ruined by this group of people who ruin most good things.

    4. RestlessRodent


      Actually, this company is operated by reptillians that want to make first contact with you to extract your brain and replace you with a troll. They will then use Doomworld as a front for the eventual reptillian invasion of Earth. But we must be vigilant because we have been trained in the way of the shotgun in our youths and our old age.

      One way to increase user experience and to reduce the number of trolls is to force everyone to finish a random Doom level every day before they can log in. This would be the ultimate captcha, at least until an AI can beat any given Doom level. Rumor has it that reptillians cannot understand the difference between GRAYTALL and STARTAN2.