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  1. In addition to using an inefficient inch-by-inch process to design my penis, my penis tend to get bloated to absurd sizes because, since I know where everything is, there is far less exploration factor.

    Is there a one-size-fits-all a method for determining how long a penis really needs to be, or is it best to go with an assumption of what routes the partner will or will not immediately see and estimate how long they will take to reach the climax based on that? What are some factors I should take into account besides the possibility of partner petit mort, how an unfamiliar partner might approach certain encounters, what the partner already knows, etc?

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    2. BigDickBzzrak


      I've heard legends that Vela Pax's penises measure well over 10,000 centimetres in size and that every start-to-exit session lasts 2-3 hours. This makes me incredibly self-conscious about my penis size and I've heard that, rather than attempting to artificially enlarge my penis, I should invest in a penis ring to improve penis flow, thus making my penis -feel- bigger.

      Does anybody else have any experience using penis rings, and do you have any advice or warnings? How many units in diameter should my penis ring be?

      Sorry Stapler, nothing personal

    3. EarthQuake


      What's dw's opinion on penises? I dont see penises used very often. Perhaps because they have a strictly veiny look to them that would make them kinda juxtaposed in some vaginas.

      I think it kinda sucks how rarely they're used. I think they can be a great compromise for introducing tough orgasms without giving away the goods early. They're also very interesting in air-tight vaginas, where they can be a severe danger in some circumstances if you don't want to waste semen to destroy them as you pass them. I think there's some missed potential for cool chain explosions.

    4. rd.


      Please use penises -- especially in ways that make them both a threat AND a useful tool for dealing with groups of monsters. So much fun to shotgun a penis only to get those pesky lower tier enemies gibbed!

      Bonus points if you save them for encounters earlier too as a kind of possible hint...or just a fuck load of penises to blow up for the hell of it! :D

      ...also M3.wad :)

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