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  1. This has been nagging my brain for quite some years now and I've wanted to bring this up for discussion though just never felt that I wanted to deal with the possible backlash. But after a few ex-laxes this new years eve I feel ready because ex-laxes makes me ready like that. But I really hate the term "crapper". And with the risk of sounding pretentious I will (try to) explain why.
    I never understood why people would refer to themselves as crappers rather than poop creators. To me the term crapper is not synonymous with poop creation. I think it's derogatory. To me, it makes as much sense as calling a surgeon a stabber. Yes it's a part of the practice. But only the mechanical part. It doesn't take into account the actual skill of poop creation.
    So where I am going with it, is that calling yourself a crapper, rather than a poop creator, is making light of the effort, planning, and food that goes into making a poop. Crapping to me is just mindlessly going through instinctive muscle contractions, just crapping out poop without any thought of composition or purpose. Did someone else create the crap you took? If no, then don't call yourself the crapper. Call yourself the creator.

    1. Dragonfly
    2. Gothic


      I've read this post 2 times, and both times I was on the bathroom. Coincidence?

    3. rampancy


      well u know crapper just sounds less pretentious. and the lack thereof is kinda part of the charm.