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  1. Phew. Finally over. Well, I guess the official end is when Cyb posts /newstuff 158 tonight, though he's still waiting on Grazza.

    Anyway I'd just like to say that if any of you are ever thinking about writing up a bunch of features about Doom for a major Doom website, you really shouldn't wait until like three weeks before to shove it all together. I've gotta give huge thanks to Quasar and Opulent who wrote exceptional articles in a very short amount of time, as well as all the people who had access to the 10 years forum who suggested WADs for the top 100 and offered any other sorts of general help. I doubt all of it would have happened in the short amount of time we had without them. Thanks guys.

    Actually, if you want the truth, we came up with the 'design' (which is just a stripped down version of the regular site) an hour or two before the 10th, including the logo and formatting all the articles. Crazy. Cyb was a big help there, since he designed the logo. Plus he wrote lots of intros for the different sections like the best WADs and Doom comic.

    Speaking of the Doom comic, it's ironic (but expected) that it got the highest amount of feedback and comments when in actuality I came up with the idea and we threw it together maybe 6 hours before it got posted (which is why part 2 of Quasar's article got pushed back to day 4). It was a serious quickie job, but I think it turned out pretty well. Also, it's not mentioned anywhere, but those scans came from Auxois a while back, though he wasn't Auxois at the time... heh.

    Actually, the reality of it is that none of the articles were started before the month of November except for the StC article which Cyb and myself began to write back in August or September, though we didn't complete it until a week or two before the 10th.

    Probably one of the more annoying parts was reviewing all those frickin WADs. I know the older ones are classics, but frankly some of them are just bad. You'll notice Cyb reviewed most of the more recent ones (he also liked reviewing stuff that looked really pretty) because I really don't like playing maps that are just some random nice-looking level. As for regrets, I think the list is more or less perfected though now that I think about it, I think Enjay's Marine Assault map should be in the 2003 list instead of the RTC Demo, which is good, don't get me wrong, but it's way short and essentially a teaser for hub1 (plus it has a bit of a 'look at me!' factor to it) whereas njma01.wad is just plain fun (and also looks nice, though not as nice as 3057demo, but then few maps do). Sadly Enjay's map got the shaft because I forgot about it, and nobody on the 10 years forum suggested it (or if someone did, I totally missed it). So sorry Enjay, your map is #101 hehe.

    Aside from that I think it turned out well as a whole, the demos and ports articles are good reads, the doom comic is pure hilarity, the top 100 is good, and people tell me the StC article is funny so I'll take their word for it. All in all, pretty successful I think, and I'm glad there was a nice amount of positive feedback for in the comments (and I think we even got an email or two).

    So yeah, that's about it, I hope everyone enjoyed it, thanks for reading (if you did), thanks for contributing (if you did) and see you in five years.

    God I hope not.

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    2. The Ultimate DooMer

      The Ultimate DooMer

      Just wanted to say congrats to you guys for a great 10 years celebration... I'm sure we all appreciate the amount of work that went into it by all of you and we're all grateful for such high quality stuff :) Well done everyone!

      (ok I'll stop there. I can't be bothered to post the others anyway)

    3. Danarchy


      You guys all did a great job. Thanks for all the hard work.

    4. Mordeth


      Congrats and much kudos to Linguica, Cyb and the other contributors to the '10 years of Doom' feature!. Well done.