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  1. Strangers in the night

    exchanging glances

    Wond’ring in the night

    What were the chances

    we’d be sharing love

    Before the night was through.

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    2. Danarchy


      POTGIESSER said:

      Wouldn't show up on my computer some funny reason. Damnit. Ling, get your chick model, give her a head with a real face, make a copy of it, and have them make out... I think it would generate a much more positive response.

      Do you have some kind of clone porn fetish?

    3. Twiztid


      Clone porn fetish? That's fuckin sick...

    4. Scabbed Angel

      Scabbed Angel

      "Forum Sausage Pictures Presents
      A Linguica Film
      Strangers in the Night

      A dramatic, inspiring tale of true love found amist the darkness of this world. Strangers is a brave new film from the man who brought us such heart wrechningly provocative films as "Fugly Bitch" and "Run Forest Run". Strangers continues in the trend of slamming us face to face with our fears and confronting the prejudices of this world. "Strangers in the Night" You will never be the same."

      Insomniak calls the film "Disturbing."

      Scuba Steve raves "Awesome."

      Bloodshedder calls it "...a truly awe-inspiring performance."

      and Danarchy praises the film as "Ahaha. That's a little creepy, but hilarious."

      Strangers in the Night

      Coming soon to a backalley near you