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  1. 16:56 < BBG> I bought a doom level editing guide
    16:56 < rf`> and yet i have php on my site
    16:56 < Mordeth> mayb e i'm dong something wrong
    16:56 < Linguica> wala
    16:56 < BBG> Maps made by BBG : 0
    16:56 < Mordeth> bbg: HAHAHAA
    16:56 < Linguica> haha
    16:56 < Mordeth> SUCKER
    16:56 * BBG shrugs
    16:56 < Linguica> man even i didnt buy any of those shitty books
    16:57 < rf`> bbg i obugh one in like '95
    16:57 < rf`> i still have it
    16:57 < BBG> It wasn't my money :)
    16:57 < BBG> It had a good CD though
    16:57 < rf`> 3d alchemy
    16:57 < Cyb> I bought a doom2 strategy guide :(
    16:57 < Linguica> mord who's the guy that bought a linux book so he could do stuff with
    the doom source EH
    16:57 < BBG> It had tons of tools and wads, a lot of GOOD wads too
    16:57 < Mordeth> dunno
    16:57 < Linguica> uh it was you
    16:57 < Mordeth> er, no?
    16:57 < Cyb> rofl
    16:57 < rf`> heh
    16:57 < BBG> The editor that came with it was actually pretty good too
    16:57 < Linguica> yes you did
    16:57 < Linguica> the source was released and you went on vacation
    16:57 < Mordeth> i think i know what i did and did not do
    16:58 < Mordeth> heh
    16:58 <@Quasar`> heh
    16:58 < Linguica> and you bought a linux book and when you came back it had already
    been ported to dos
    16:58 < Mordeth> i don't have a linux book
    16:58 < Ixnatifual> hi, im from the internet
    16:58 <@Quasar`> I bought a C book so I could do stuff with the doom source ^_^
    16:58 < Mordeth> yeah, i did buy a c++ book
    16:58 < Ixnatifual> i have a java book
    16:58 < Mordeth> never read it thoguh
    16:58 < Linguica> Happy NewYear everybody! Yes I'm back, although a bit later then
    expected. Silly me bought himself a Linux "how-to" book and was about
    to install Linux... I figured it would be a while before somebody
    managed to port the Doom source code to DOS. You can imagine my
    surprise when I found out that feat was already accomplished this
    week! Moreover, changes like increasing the visplane and savegame
    buffer have already been done, plus new stuff like quad damage and
    flight. Cool !
    16:58 < Linguica> oh burn
    16:59 < BBG> Quasar`, teach me C/C++!
    16:59 < Mordeth> dear god im programming in linc (cobol shell() these days
    16:59 < Mordeth> i did that?
    16:59 < Mordeth> fuck
    16:59 <@Manc> heh
    16:59 < Linguica> man why do i know what mord did better than he does
    16:59 < Cyb> haha
    16:59 < Cyb> pwned
    16:59 <@Manc> yes
    16:59 < Ixnatifual> maybe you can read minds
    16:59 < Mordeth> you're like, obsessed with me ling
    16:59 < Cyb> your punishment is to release mordeth
    16:59 < Mordeth> you craczy fuck
    16:59 < Linguica> rofl
    16:59 < BBG> Ling : he lives in Holland, he probably smokes a lot of reefer :-P
    16:59 < Linguica> no i just have a good memory
    16:59 < Mordeth> eerie shit
    16:59 < Linguica> and i can remember what happened in early 1998
    17:00 < Mordeth> OBSESSED I SAY
    17:00 < EarthQuake> O_o
    17:00 <@Quasar`> heh
    17:00 < Tom_D> RELEASE MORDETH EP2 NOW
    17:00 < EarthQuake> i cant remember waht even happened yesterday
    17:00 < Cyb> ling is probably writing down what we say right now
    17:00 <@Quasar`> he can't tom
    17:00 <@Quasar`> Eternity is messed up right now :P

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Bucket


      Hey, be easy on him. I can't remember anything from 1990080 either.

    3. Snarboo


      I'm not sure that Ling has a great memory, he might just hoard chatlogs and other personal stuff posted on the internet and recall them when it suits him. I've done that before. Makes for great blackmail. ;)

    4. pritch


      great ling's either

      • obsessed with mord
      • obsessed with internet
      • has an amazing memory