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  1. I was just going through some shit in my room and I found a HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL

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    2. Xaser


      Heh, a good friend of mine actually found three $20 dollar bills over a period of three years at the same place at a water park. Someone lost them in the water and he happened to come across them. Not that there's anything unusual about that but it happened on Labor Day three years in a row, same place, roughly the same time... huh.

      Weirder even is the fact that it wasn't me. I'm the broke one. :(

    3. Use


      Found 40 bucks at work. SLIP into the pocket. No word at the end of the day so 'tis mine.

    4. Danarchy


      I regularly find quarters at work. Considering most money laying around on the floor where I work are lost bits of guests' bills that still need to be declared by servers, it's best to not pocket anything more than that.