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  1. if you have side and he has top

    Fist Chainsaw Pistol SG SSG CG RL Plaz BFG
    Fist These are always boring unless both people have berserks If you have berserk it should be fun, otherwise run away If you have berserk, go for it, otherwise get out your damn pistol or whatever else you have If you have the beserk you might stand a chance but go find a damn weapon GO GET A DAMN WEAPON WTF are you doing Nice way to get him to kill himself, I suppose You go do that If you're agile and packing a berserk, and he's pretty bad, you might actually stand a chance
    Chainsaw If he's punching you he probably has a berserk, so be careful He with more health wins, unless you suck Go ahead, but it's freaking hard to make a chainsaw kill Good luck... chainsaw needs a lot of in close and personal time JESUS YOU'RE INSANE Not a very smart idea, but might just work Oh come on, he can hear you coming You have a 0.01% chance of winning Unless you're really good, forget it
    Pistol Crappy weapon against really crappy weapon = you win Just make sure and back up *POP* *POP* *POP* *POP* *POP* *POP* *POP* (20 seconds later) "AUUGHGHG" AHAHAHAHAH RUN THE FUCK AWAY Yeah, right You're kidding, right Idiot Don't waste my time
    SG He's dead Couple shots should do it Oh come on, do you need my help Let's see who's the better man Back the hell off and pick them off with the closer spread and quicker firing rate of the SG, but good luck If you can't hit him most of the time, run away You better be pretty far away in an open area Probably not unless you've got lots of ground Run like holy hell
    SSG He's really dead Wait until he tries to get in close and then blow his head off If you can't do this you're really sad Run in and SSG his sorry ass, don't let him get away Swing in close to fire, back the fuck off when reloading, try and time it so you are far away when they fire too Get in there and destroy him If you run in you might die, if you back off you won't hit him very well, use your judgement If you get a good first hit, then sure The best frag in Doom is when you run right up to him and blow him away as the BFG is winding up
    CG He's a little less dead than the SSG Run away backwards, keep firing, screw double-tap WTF, why are you even reading this This will be a nice battle, you will probably win unless his aim is quite good Back as far off as humanly possible, double-tap to wear them down Spamfest You'll lose in a closed-in area, keep your distance Back the fuck off Back off as much as you can.  See a pattern here?
    RL Watch out for kamikaze Make sure he doesn't kamikaze your ass Go kill him Stand your ground, make sure and hit him, don't let him get in too close of course Run away backwards, fire rockets, hope you hit him You'll probably win as long as you can lead those rockets You better know how to lead those rockets Keep firing, keep dodging, pray Only if he doesn't bother to dodge because he thinks the BFG makes him invincible
    Plaz He is so dead You have a 99.9% chance of winning KILL KILL KILL They're fucking dead if you can shoot worth a damn Flood his ass with plasma, keep circlestrafing, try and blind him If it's in close, you've got it made, if it's wide open and he's far away, be careful If you circlestrafe and nail him you've got it made If this lasts more than 5 seconds, you both stink Actually you have quite a good chance as long as he doesn't take you by surprise
    BFG Just make sure you hit him and all If he's agile he can dodge your tracers and get you from behind while you wind up, so make sure you don't suck CRACKLE SWOOSH THWOMP SPLATTER You don't have much to fear, a SG can't kill you in the time it takes to fire one BFG shot unless you're messed up Try and tracer his ass, and be sure and dodge and all You'll win Don't expose yourself too much until you're about to fire Not the best idea since he can kill you before the BFG finishes winding up Figure it out, bub

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    2. Darkman 4

      Darkman 4

      I say we make this the definite guide to Doom weapons.

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      That's awesome.

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      Herm... does this table also work for Doom3?