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  1. wooo e/n ahoy

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    2. Bucket


      Yeah, I'm sure she made it sound all sensitive and fairy tale gumdrop Celine Dion bullshit, but the plain and simple fact is that you weren't around to ride her like a pony. Women don't feel loved if they don't get a good plowing every so often, and that's the reality of it.

      So go fuck her brains out and see if she spills the beans.

    3. pritch


      Bucket where were you when they were trying to split the atom? "Just give it a good plowing!", you could've told them.

      Anyway it does sound a little similar that happened to me, ooh, four years ago now, during early doomworld days in fact. I was with a chick, Ruth, in the first year of uni, I went off on a caribbean cruise and when I came back after xmas it had all gone to hell in a handbasket. I think there were a few issues going on;

      1) Her own issues, well I could never have helped her with those, lord knows I wanted to

      2) I fucked off on holiday without her

      3) When I was fucking off on holiday, I wasn't fucking her (the Bucket theory)

      4) When you're not around they begin to look at other blokes, and the grass seems greener. We've all been there.

      Take from that what you will, the only solution is really to take them on holiday with you, but from friends bitter experience that can be a disastrous step too.

      Anyway how was Bath?

    4. Linguica


      pritch said:

      Anyway how was Bath?

      It was nice! Not what I was expecting I guess. The entire central area of town is one giant shopping district. I enjoyed it though, we had tea at the Pump Room of the Roman baths, it wasn't as good as I had been informed but still enjoyable.