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  1. From: Ron Allen
    To: news@doomworld.com
    Subject: For Immediate Release: A Baby Is Coming!

    ***For Immediate Release***

    Ronald R. Allen Jr., co-author of the Unofficial WAD Developer's
    Handbook (http://handbook.newdoom.com/) for Doom and Doom ][,
    announces that he and his wife, Bridget, are expecting their first

    "This is a first for both of us", Allen said. "As a die-hard gaming
    and Science-fiction and Star Trek fan, I almost expect the baby to
    have tentacles or, at the least, pointed ears, but I'll take it
    regardless. This has been a very long time coming for us".

    Allen was among the many original Doom fans who was impressed with the
    apparent 3D worlds presented in the original Doom games and the
    performance of the games on lower-end PCs of the time. "My brother
    showed me Doom on his 486SX, which was far below the specs of my
    4866DX, he only had 4 meg of RAM and I had 8 meg in addition to a
    healthy processor speed difference of at least 100KHz, which was
    top-of-the-line at the time, and I was amazed. Then I found out that
    people could create their own levels and create whole new worlds. Oh,
    man, was I ever hooked then. It wasn't too long before I started
    learning how to create my own worlds in Doom. Before long I had this
    yearning to give back to others what I had learned".

    Allen went on to contact Bill McLendon, who had written a few pages of
    a "WAD Designer's Handbook" for the Doom games. Allen said, "Bill was
    amiable to my re-writing and expanding his original 'Handbook' to
    include many more details of WAD design both technically and
    artistically. We didn't agree totally on every detail, but I believe
    Bill was happy with the result."

    Allen has since moved on to other, more financially rewarding,
    pursuits, but still holds a special love for id Software and the Doom
    games. "Id didn't follow my advice in the Handbook very well", Allen
    said, "when they did Doom 3. I suggested that having a really dark
    atmosphere with things jumping out of the shadows all the time would
    be a turn-off for many gamers. From the reviews of Doom 3, I gather I
    was wrong. Still, Doom is the game that got me started and I feel a
    special fondness for id and the Doom games."

    Allen is 40, and his wife, Bridget, is 36, somewhat advanced ages for
    starting a family. They hope they have the support of all gamers
    everywhere in their quest to have a family. "Who knows", Allen said,
    "maybe my child will create the actual final Doom killer!"

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      ***For Immediate Release***


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      shut up already

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