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  1. Friday night: I go out to a bar, hang out, have some fun. At about 1:30 a girl comes over and sits down next to me, we talk a little, next thing I know she is hanging off me and we leave together. We make out a bit on the way to my car, I drive her back to her place, make out some more, we exchange numbers and she says she'll give me a call on Saturday or I should call her.

    Saturday afternoon: I give her a call and leave a message on her voicemail saying, hey, I had a great time last night, let's do it again. She text messages me a while later basically saying "ummm I was really drunk and I don't know if I remember you." We text back and forth a bit and she says we should hang out and she'll call me Sunday.

    Sunday morning: She texts me asking for my email address, so I text it back to her. Pretty soon she sends me an email explaining that she was really drunk and I seemed like a nice enough guy but she felt weird calling or going out with a guy she remembers next to nothing about. I email her back saying yeah that is kind of weird and talk a bit about myself and about what she had told me on Friday. I give her my AIM name in the process

    Sunday afternoon: She AIMs me and we chat for a little while. We agree to go out for a drink or something on Wednesday.

    Sunday night: At about 9:30 pm she texts me again, asking if I want to go out for a drink right then. I say sure, why not, and I go over to her place, pick her up, and we go to a nearby bar for a few drinks. After about an hour we are making out again, she says she shouldn't stay up too late since she has to get up early and we go back to her place and make out some more. She says she wants me to stay the night but isn't sure because if I do there's basically no chance of her getting up early because she's going to be jumping my bones. I don't want to be screwing up her life so I take a rain check and finally leave around midnight. After all we can get busy on Wednesday.

    Monday morning: I text her saying "hey thanks for last night". Pretty soon I get an email from her saying she had fun too, but she doesn't feel any chemistry between us, so have a nice life. Uh, OK?

    * Going out on Sunday night, it made me appear like I was ready to drop everything for her and she didn't have to compete for my attention.
    * Acting too nice, I gave her a lot of compliments (mostly during making out) that again probably made me look weak and needy. If we're furiously making out she doesn't need much more validation that I think she's hot.
    * Not pushing her to fool around on Sunday night, even if things were doomed anyway I should have done everything I could to get laid.

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    2. Bucket


      Scuba Steve said:

      Bucket's Law
      /Buh ketz/ (n)
      As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of talking about dickgirls approaches one.

      The odds of talking about dickgirls is ALWAYS 50/50. You must be thinking about bread; see Ling's other blog.

    3. mewse


      ling you should update this thread with more infos on that yummy mummy you've been traipsing around with

    4. Linguica


      mewse said:

      ling you should update this thread with more infos on that yummy mummy you've been traipsing around with

      The cougar moved on to fresh prey