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    2. Bucket


      I mean, players choose classes a la Hexen, and they fight through what is basically a co-op mod with dialogue and story and whatnot. The maps are also laid out in world fashion, instead of a linear progression. Other action RPG elements would also be implemented, and so on.

    3. Snarboo


      The only source port that could feasibly do that is G/ZDoom, but wouldn't it be very difficult to set up scripting in a co-op map? I'd think something like that would be very easy to break if one of the players was doing something stupid or was simply too fast. Does G/ZDoom even support custom weapons in multiplayer?

    4. Bucket


      Well, there's Skulltag...
      I never said it was a small amount of work, but Skulltag seems to implement a lot of what would be required.