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  1. FFS I don't have the disc anymore, christ i bought it like 12 years ago, WTF am I supposed to do when I reformat huh?!

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    2. funduke


      Johnatone said:

      In this day and age, I'm surprised that Id can still make a buck at selling the original Doom.

      It's just anything, but cool considered here at the doomworld forums and a lot forums else, to request this game as warez.

      Id software gave us more than enough, by releasing the source code.

      Linguicas request was a joke, that's a fact.

      Getting doom via ebay for a good price is just too easy.


    3. Bucket


      Umm... not quite. I believe the understanding is that most of the people on this board have bought this game 2 or 3 times over. Buying it again for the umpteenth time just because the disk was lost/stolen/eaten... ridiculous.

    4. myk


      Actually, mom and dad should buy a new one, since they threw it away.