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    2. myk


      The TV thingy (at least it's easier to store away if it proves useless or dumb!).

    3. printz


      Danarchy said:

      Haha, that watch thing reminds me of every cartoon from the 80s where people had wrist communicators that looked like that. We are truly living in the future!

      Except for blasters, hyperspace, and lightsabers, our science is getting really close to that of Star Wars. You're correct.

      I see nothing wrong at all with the TV watch. It's like an extra way to get information. The karting controller is good if you want to sit in front of your home TV, and prefer that to live karting.

    4. doomer524


      on one hand you can pretend to podrace but on the other you can pretend to be the red ranger and maybe get with the imaginary pink ranger in your mind