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    2. leileilol


      Scuba Steve said:

      I already took that into account... the first image of Chun-Li is official Capcom artwork. Heisen-ko, while fan art (as far as I could tell) captured the Capcom feel of her as best as possible... perhaps some in game images like the one at the bottom will be good enough.

      Fighting games are the WORST offenders of ridiculously disproportioned female protagonists.

      or just look at my blog background o^_^o

    3. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Jonathan said:

      To be fair though, leading male characters are often just as ridiculously proportioned. Idealised, hypersexual forms, both male and female, are nothing new, and certainly not limited to video games. Whatever their indie fringes and mavericks might produce, the fashion, comic, TV and movie mainstream is just as filled with the super-buff guys and annorexic big-chested girls.

      Absolutely agreed.

    4. Ralphis


      Art? Who gives a crap. Making video games is a business just like television, radio, etc.

      You appeal to your core audience with what will draw them, then you sell your product. Win as a business.