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    2. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      myk said:

      Heh, if you're going to post fan art...

      I already took that into account... the first image of Chun-Li is official Capcom artwork. Heisen-ko, while fan art (as far as I could tell) captured the Capcom feel of her as best as possible... perhaps some in game images like the one at the bottom will be good enough.

      Fighting games are the WORST offenders of ridiculously disproportioned female protagonists.

    3. Jonathan


      To be fair though, leading male characters are often just as ridiculously proportioned. Idealised, hypersexual forms, both male and female, are nothing new, and certainly not limited to video games. Whatever their indie fringes and mavericks might produce, the fashion, comic, TV and movie mainstream is just as filled with the super-buff guys and annorexic big-chested girls.

      The video games mainstream merely panders unashamedly to its core market: young men, many adolescent, often nerdy. You could argue it's a self fulfilling prophecy, the industry targets geeky males, so only geeky males buy its games. But, somehow I doubt that even if Soul Caliber contained completely representative and non-sexualised females that many women would be lining up to play it. And the industry knows it, because money talks and if they could double the market by simply changing the proportions of a few models, then it'd happen.

      The mainstream will make games with realistic portrayals of women (and men) when it is economically beneficial to do so, and not before. Rather than waiting for it, a better idea is help build an indie fringe for video games that can offer an alternative to the usual EA shite and help open games to a broader audience.

    4. Sharessa


      myk said:

      Heh, if you're going to post fan art as examples of how the characters are "sex bombs" you might as well add the Imp or the Cacodemom getting fucked, or something like that. You'll probably find an Imp with big boobs, even, if you look hard enough.

      I actually have a bunch of Doom porn on my other computer that Silverwyvern drew.

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