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  1. Complete /idgames Archive Downloads

    Doomworld should really host a full /idgames torrent. Maybe once we get the ability to add a block storage volume. Although that would end up costing somewhat more...
  2. Hardcoded behaviors for Doom objects for DEHACKED

    thanks to @fraggle for these # These states are hard-coded into the Doom source code - bits # of code jump to these states. HARDCODED_STATES = [ # p_enemy.c:A_VileChase S_VILE_HEAL1, # p_enemy.c:A_BrainScream/A_BrainExplode S_BRAINEXPLODE1, # p_map.c:PIT_ChangeSector (crushing bodies under doors) S_GIBS, # p_mobj.c:P_XYMovement; also p_pspr.c S_PLAY, # p_mobj.c:P_SpawnPuff S_PUFF3, # p_mobj.c:P_SpawnBlood S_BLOOD2, S_BLOOD3, # p_pspr.c:(various) S_PLAY_ATK1, S_PLAY_ATK2, S_PLAY_RUN1, # This state cannot be modified by dehacked (causes an overrun). S_TECH2LAMP4, ]
  3. I mirrored a copy of this in the OP so it won't go dying on us. I also played through the first three levels and it looks very promising!
  4. 10 Years of Doom(world)

    It was exactly 20 years ago today, etc.
  5. How much data does online DMing consume?

    56k modems were designed to do 56 kiloBITS per second, which is quite a bit less, obviously.
  6. New DoomWiki-based game: 6 degrees of fraggle howard

    My god... these shortcuts... is fraggle too powerful for the fraggle game?
  7. New DoomWiki-based game: 6 degrees of fraggle howard

    https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Chris_Bourke_(purist) -> disambiguation -> https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Doom_community_jargon#P -> link to fraggle in "Fragglescript"
  8. Convince me that Brutal doom is Overrrated

    *looks at post history* oh right you just reminded me you were already on very thin ice from this post you made
  9. Convince me that Brutal doom is Overrrated

    @Cacodemon345 there is a "report post" function for a reason
  10. Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    No they don't.
  11. Can you fix the fact that some member lost their custom title because they have reached a new forum rank?(Ones i know have lost theirs: Job, AndrewB, arobase)(i have reported this in the forum bug thread)

    1. Linguica



  12. Best ending?

    Dystopia 3 Map11
  13. How much data does online DMing consume?

    I hate that "Mb" and "MB" are extremely different measurements and I can never trust anyone telling me how big something is because I don't know if they respect that difference.
  14. Ultimate Doom tree driven into ground

    I tried this in Chocolate Doom just now and I have no idea what you are talking about.