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  1. Amanichen

    direct x9 and doom 3

    Too bad that he's wrong. OpenGL came first, then 3dfx stripped it down (both in rendering capability, and visual quality), put their stamp on it and called it Glide. Glide is a poor man's OpenGL -- that's why it ran so fast.
  2. Listen to some Dimmu Borgir -- now that's fucking amazing heavy metal.
  3. Amanichen

    5.1 sound channel

    Nope...I already have a ghetto rigged 4.1 system =) Front: Altec lansing 2.1 ADA 305 speakers -- 2 x 20W satellites + 1 x 20W sub Back: 75W Hitachi Receiver (thing is 30 years old and still works) with two Optimus (Tandy Radio Shack) bookshelf speakers (double oval ribbon tweeter, and 4.5" woofer). Hardware: SB Live Works just fine for the highs, puts out plenty of bass, and has a solid midrange. And the cost was spread out over the period of a few years since I've already had the receiver and optimus speakers for 7 years.
  4. Amanichen

    A Christian guide to doom!

    Exactly. They give it power over themselves. Just proves that religions and cults are the same thing.
  5. Amanichen

    A Christian guide to doom!

    Reply to: =================== I'm wondering if this whole site is like SA's "TruthMedia", writing factually incorrect reviews for the sole purpose of seing how many people flame them. =================== I wouldn't be surprised. I also think it's a form of mind control (brainwashing, intentional misinformation) which is what these "Christians" (read: fanatical Christians) incorporate into their religion. I was raised as a Catholic (something which I am abandoning anyway), and honestly these "Christians" give christianity a bad name.
  6. Amanichen

    A Christian guide to doom!

    Check this one out: http://www.christiananswers.net/spotlight/games/2000/goldeneye007.html These people msut be smoking crack. Stupid fanatical "christians"... ======================= Now it's not as violent as "Mortal Kombat" -- people thrown on spikes -- or "Doom" -- sex in animated bathrooms -- but how violent does violent have to be? It's a little more intelligent than the others, brings in some cultural and regional history -- The Russians and the cold war -- and makes spying seem sexy. ======================== Man...talk about brainwashing people by giving them incorrect facts...lol
  7. Amanichen

    What will U do the day Doom 3 comes out?

    Install my new video card, Install Doom 3, crank up my ghettoized 4.1 system and let the fun begin.
  8. Amanichen

    Doom 2 Textures

    Yup...that's the one =) Got it. Thanks.
  9. Amanichen

    What do you do while waiting for D3?

    Play: GTA3 (I'm stuck @ 94 packages =), RTCW (multi), E1 Shareware (ah yes, the memories =), Deus Ex (this and Doom are the two games i've spent the most time playing). I'm also looking at video hardware, and drooling over what I can't afford, and what i'm going to likely buy to run Doom3 with all the goodies enabled.
  10. Amanichen

    Doom 2 Textures

    Myk: You dumb shit! I'm not asking for the wad, just a single extracted texture from it. I've been a member here for two years now and I'm smart enough not to ask for illegally obtained software. Fredrik: Hrm...I'm mistaken on the name then. It's a small green face on a wood background and it has glowing red eyes. (Check the pillars in map 18 of Doom II).
  11. Amanichen

    Doom 2 Textures

    Thanks, but the only problem is I dont have Doom II on this computer. It's stashed on an old HDD at home and I'm away at college right now.
  12. Amanichen

    Doom 2 Textures

    I'm looking for a particular group of doom 2 textures... They're the "SATYR" ones (the small demon head with glowing red eyes, found on the pillars in "the courtyard", and related ones). If anybody could point me to a place where I can find the textures? (I'd like them preferrably as close to original attributes as possible.) EDIT: Maybe this would have been better for the editing forum...
  13. Amanichen

    Mod-ons to doom3

    I think you mean *really* dumbed down =) Lets see...X box has a 64MB unified system buffer. GF3 64MB dedicated frame buffer, GF4 Ti's have 128MB dedicated frame buffers. I wonder just how much dumbing down they would have to do before it wouldn't be worth it anymore =) Now I realize that the TV resolution is lower than a PC resolution, but I'd expect that Doom 3 on a PC would use up at least 64MB of system ram, which byt itself would completely suck up the X-Box's resources not even counting the graphics.
  14. Amanichen

    Interview with John Carmack!

    I'm horny right now, doesn't that stand for something? And oh yeah... Neat article, it's the best 404 I've ever seen.
  15. So it's boring...eh? Both the nets and lakers are overrated. And you seem to care enough so you should know the Lakers are nothing compared to the former Bulls. It's not a matter of who's good now, it's just who sucks the least, and this time around it's LA and NY/NJ. Who really gives a fuck? We have a religion and politics forum for this type of stuff =) This is Doomworld, not "Kobe's n' Shack's Butt Fukkin, Slam Dunkin Forums"