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  1. Fusion

    Unofficial FAQ for New/Updated Doomworld

    As someone who's been here since 99' I'll chime in. The Forum is good, and appears to be an upgrade. That been said, I prefer the classic old news page rather than news linking to within a forum.. Perhaps If you could stylize the page a bit, (news right now is simply light grey text on a black background) it might help. Also having the root of the domain go straight to the forum isn't a great landing page IMO.
  2. Fusion

    ZDoom ceases development

    Typo, Ty.
  3. Fusion

    ZDoom ceases development

    Randi: Thanks for your epic contribution to the doom community! Zdoom was and still is one of the greatest ports to ever grace the doom community; Your efforts will live on in infamy. Also a shoutout to Graf Zahl for continuing on with Gzdoom and of course the QZdoom creators, Keep up the great work guys! You're more appreciated than you know.
  4. Fusion

    idgames Maintainer Ty Halderman Passes Away At 69

    I remember uploading one of my first released maps back in 1999, thanks to Ty for bringing it online. RIP Ty, you were an amazing person, and bastion for the doom community
  5. Fusion

    What are you playing now?

    New version of brutal doom.
  6. Gonna try this after work, looks amazing.
  7. Fusion

    DOOM HD Project

    spot on
  8. Seriously blown away. Amazing work! WOW!... link is broken, This IS the doomguy!
  9. Fusion

    Doomsday 1.15 released

    I love the oculus rift DK2 support.. Amazing with 3d weapon models. Great job guys!
  10. Fusion

    DOOM HD Project

    I like this rendition of the Doom Marine as well. My only criticism, if you can even call it that, is that I think he looks a bit too old. I always thought that the marine looked somewhere between late 20's to mid 30's. Because of the exaggerated facial features (wrinkles etc), he looks more like mid 40's. That been said, this is an incredible job! Great work. As a quick sidenote, I ran this pic through how-old.net , turns out the marine is 50. :O
  11. Fusion

    DOOM HD Project

    Someone has got to get these models into Doomsday. I've never been a fan of the old models myself (md2's), but these recapture exactly the way I expect the monsters to look. Amazing Job sir! Doomsday supports MD5 now correct? I realize animating these could be tough and potentially more challenging than modeling them originally, but my god man, even low res/low poly versions of these for classic Doom would be epic.
  12. Fusion

    Doom 4 Unveiled

    I hope there's a collectors edition, but doubtful as there's been no mention of one.
  13. Nice job, needed this for a while!
  14. I had grand plans for map32, the entire layout was complete on paper. The idea of the level was actually quite unique. There was going to be a single super monster that stalked you and was nearly unkillable.. this idea is overdone today with Steam and all those hunted style horror games, I still have all the old diagrams/plans. I actually started remaking Map32 years ago both for DOOM and for Zombie Panic Source, too bad real life got in the way and for what I wanted to do I just didn't have the time.
  15. Fusion

    GZ3Doom v1.8.6_g Released

    Big thanks to Biospud as well then!