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  1. Bad Luck Ranger

    It's all a matter of weaponry.

    I model a majority of the weapons that will recieve a mention from Quake2... maybe I should actually give the good ol' BFG a mention???
  2. Bad Luck Ranger

    Castle Wolfenstein 0.1

  3. Bad Luck Ranger

    Doom - Evil Unleashed 3.7 + End

    I haven't finished readin Evil Unleashed just yet (nearly) but if the end is anything to go by then christ!!! Great work.
  4. Bad Luck Ranger

    Castle Wolfenstein - Prologue

    Yeah but dsm said that Sarge wasn't the old guy. I originally said Sarge.
  5. Bad Luck Ranger

    Castle Wolfenstein - Prologue

    Wait, I'm confused? Who is the old man then?
  6. Bad Luck Ranger

    It's all a matter of weaponry.

    Ah cool. But since no former humans inhabited the Phobos Base at the time of my story the evil has lost all knowledge hence why I've only given non-implant demons a mention.
  7. Bad Luck Ranger

    Castle Wolfenstein - Prologue

    Cool... I take it the old guys is obviously Sarge? I always assumed that he aged slowly due to somehing that happened in that castle. Afterall he only appears to be about 50 years old in the opening sequence for QuakeIIIArena.
  8. Bad Luck Ranger

    It's all a matter of weaponry.

    It wouldn't be just limited to one shot but I wouldn't want to over use it. Afterall would you want to be standing anywhere near ground zero? As for cyberdemons, as I'm not planning on giving them a mention in my current series (I'm focusing on the pure-stream demons, not cybronic implants here) I will definitely give them license in the series after. But this rises an interesting argument? Where does ol' cybie get his implants from? How did the demons assimilate cybernetic technology? Any suggestion?
  9. Bad Luck Ranger

    Stupid hobbies #1

    And a Space Marine bayonet???
  10. Bad Luck Ranger

    Baphomet? What the hell was he?

    Right, so you've reached the last level DoomII, you've played though the series of 30 maps and have completed the Wolf3D homage secret levels. But just out of interest? When you enter that bastard of a level where you must kill the Icon of Sin/Baphomet... Christ? I first thought that id software had screwed up somewhere because that level was too damn difficult anyway... what was the Icon of Sin? Just a large goat head stuck to a wall?? John Carmack's head on a stick?? Has anyone got any clue?
  11. Bad Luck Ranger

    It's all a matter of weaponry.

    Back on route. By the way, I've decided to tell you guys of my "ultimate" weapon. I read about the new Unreal Tourny game and there's a weapon that vaguely sounds a lot like my idea. Though I have to admit it was ripped off from a series of Manga graphic novels. (Akira, it's different from the film). The weapon will be in the possession of my main character, it's a small hand held laser beam that coordinates the location for an Ion Cannon shot. It'll kick ass.
  12. Bad Luck Ranger

    It's all a matter of weaponry.

    Why not just buy some organic soap, boil it down and scrape off a layer of glyserine... basically I'm ripping off Fight Club here but anyway... add some sawdust to the mix and hey presto... tnt. Simple as insulting a Slipknot fan.
  13. Bad Luck Ranger

    It's all a matter of weaponry.

    Just search for Railgun Technology. I can't remember the URl because it was a while back. Sorry.
  14. Bad Luck Ranger

    Stupid hobbies #1

    I haven't wargamed for years but isn't that made out of that miliputt Green Stuff with a Warhammer standard slotta base? Huh? WTF? What does that all mean?
  15. Bad Luck Ranger

    for all you people who had an amiga....

    Doom and Quake! Boy the Amiga did go out with a bang.