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  1. This is probably a silly place to put this but I'm hoping that DW can spare some positive thoughts?

    Yesterday we found out that my eldest son Nicholas has a brain tumour. He goes in for neuro surgery in about 4 hours and my wife and I are doing our best but we are broken beyond words.

    Please Nicholas come home to us. We've still got mapping to do together.


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    2. BigDickBzzrak


      I'm so happy for you (and your kid, obviously)! Let's hope that it's gone for good.

      (EDIT: hell, I didn't even see that Doomkid wrote exactly the same, one post above me. oops)

    3. kmxexii


      congrats to Nic and hoping you have plenty to smile about in the future.

    4. Quagsire


      I'm glad to see everything worked out. I was worried for a se- I mean, two months. Haven't seen this thread since August.

      Anyways, you get what I'm saying.