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  1. status update test engage!


    Sorry I've not given an update sooner - I have been somewhat reluctant to do so as everytime I did last year something (bad) happened!


    Nicholas turns 8 today and in late June it will be 12 months since we were knee-deep in medical jargon (hah). To think we are here celebrating with him is amazing, that he is doing so well is just awesome icing on the cake!


    Nic is back at school full time and loving it. His last vision test showed some lingering damage to his optic nerves but his vision itself is now considered normal range. He skipped out of the eye clinic ecstatic that he will be able to drive a car when he is older XD  (his previous test had him not having sufficient peripherial vision to drive). He gets pretty zonked at times still - his brain is still doing running repairs I think but his speech, behaviour, strength are almost back to normal. Just amazing!




    Thanks again for everyones thoughts last year it was (and still is) greatly appreciated and helped immensely.

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    2. dew


      Glad you guys got through that rough patch!


      @Phade102 Link. It's a much less nerve-racking reading when you know the outcome!

    3. traversd


      @Phade102 Nic has a brain tumour, which is thankfully benign, but it is located in the centre of his head causing a huge amount of swelling to his brain. Treatment so far has been 3 operations to directly address the tumor and its effects followed by radiation treatment. Hopefully in a few more years we can know if it has been successful in stopping the tumor from growing any further. He is doing really well and his doctors and specialists are super impressed with his recovery which is a huge relief.


    4. Phade102


      @traversd Awh, i'm so sorry to hear that =( Thankfully it is benign, but it is still devastating for someone so young. I really hope he gets better soon, but by the sounds of it he has some great parents supporting him!