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  1. Just a list of things I want to do if/when I get time. This is a bit of an idea repository for myself I guess (and I'm happy to share it with others)

    Individual maps
    Maps using older maps as a base. The 1994 tune-up project has me hooked on this interesting little aspect of mapping. Some maps I have noted for future work are:

    *Permission to modify is uncertain (ie: not explicitly given or denied)

    Also want to complete the following:
    • Icon of Sin map (have made a start)
    Map Packs
    I cant see myself ever having the time to make a "megawad" but if I do:
    • I've started toying with a ZDoom/GZDoom project. It is simply maps in the original KDITD style with a view to implementing simple 3d floors to try and keep the original feel but add some true over/under environments. This would be a single 9 map episode.
    • Some form of co-op map pack.
    • A doom2 map pack using a variety of the awesome textures the community has made (I have not really used custom gfx much before). Theme would be overrun space stations and bases on some moon/planet (sooo original).