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  1. Mary20

    Nostalgic View On Doom

    The only singleplayer FPS game after Dooms that I've played time and time again is Painkiller. Which is pretty much a more modern version of Doom.
  2. Mary20

    Nostalgic View On Doom

    You have a point there. Thinking back, though, I was so scared of cyberdemon when I was 6. I don't know how many years it took me until I finally got him down. It was so hard because I was so scared I just ran away and kept closing my eyes. :D
  3. Mary20

    Nostalgic View On Doom

    Never listened to radio. Staind is fairly new to me.
  4. Mary20

    Nostalgic View On Doom

    Because it doesn't fit games? I listen to metal when I hit the gym and squat 100kg. Not when I play video games while drinking cola and eating potato chips. The nostalgic feel is the important thing. If people insist I can change it to Creed - With arms wide open, but that's about it. :)
  5. Mary20

    Nostalgic View On Doom

    I tried a remix but it didn't fit in at all after the slow start.
  6. Mary20

    Nostalgic View On Doom

    I understand Disturbed and Drowning Pool make good music. But it doesn't fit a video game. Especially in a nostalgic tribute. I listen to Disturbed when I'm lifting heavy at gym, not while playing a video game.
  7. Mary20

    Nostalgic View On Doom

    I'm not going to go with something generic like Disturbed - Let the bodies hit the floor. I grew up with this game. The words, it's been a while, really fit in there.
  8. Mary20

    Nostalgic View On Doom

    I just used default jDoom settings.
  9. Mary20

    The Head of John Romero

    Oh my god. That's awesome.
  10. Mary20

    Nostalgic View On Doom

    Hey everyone, I made a tribute video to Doom trilogy, mainly on the first two dooms, though. Maybe you'd like to see. I grew up playing Doom 1 and 2 and can still by just hearing some of the music from the games name what level they were in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_28aGBWmgU Youtube description: Doom is widely regarded as one of the most important titles in gaming history. It was released December 10, 1993. The phrase "Doom clone" was initially popular to describe the style of gameplay in Doom-like games, but after 1996 was gradually replaced by "first-person shooter". This is a nostalgic view on the game series many people, such as myself, grew up playing.