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    The DWIronman League dies to: Base Ganymede

    @ZeroMaster010 You humour me greatly with your arrogance and contempt, a flood of accusations born from the poison of envy and smite of disrespect. I feel both disappointment and flattery these thoughts would originate from another player who has demonstrated one of a kind talent and has accomplished the impossible, yet is apparently immune from judgement owing to their reputation, do not think your words hold more credibility just because of who you are, being more well known and what you have accomplished in breaking world records and setting ones never previously accomplished, such as with TNT and Plutonia Nightmare. With that being said I will divulge my thoughts on the serious accusations you have set forth. I won't address the individual gameplay scenarios you've highlighted, as the foundation of your argument arises from jealously, this is clear when you contrast my success with your failure, being deluded into thinking you should have surpassed these trials yet cannot absolutely comprehend how someone else can claim victory on a consistent basis, instead I will address my playing ability. You know nothing about who I am or my history with this game, I am exceptionally talented not only at Doom, but other oldschool FPS along with videogames in general. I make speedruns and partake in Ironman out of passion for the game, it is a personal challenge in testing my playing ability to overcome arduous odds, I play for fun, it's about me vs the game and I hold no strong competitive urge or desire to be known as the best, reputation and status are not important to me but having fun is essential. Are you serious when you can't believe someone can beat an Ironman consistently? It's just playing the game without saving or loading, do you not have a fundamental understanding of the core gameplay and how to the play game correctly? Am I the only one who can play aggressively, with an intuitive and innate ability to bend the game to their will and not panic when in a dire situation, but with tactical genius aware of my surroundings and dexterous reflexes can act in the heat of battle and overcome arduous odds? When you highlight cases of RNG, I honestly don't think about it that deeply, I'm confident in what I'm doing, I'll make a risky move and hold strong with faith. I laugh at your baseless accusations of slowdown in reference to Stardate, I'm sure other skilled players such as Mrzzul and Nevanos could playthrough Stardate casually withour prior practice or saving and get just as far. Also bear in mind that I have died in several Ironmans before, do you honestly think their was demo manipulation there? You also demonstrate your ignorance very clearly when you admit you haven't watched my Ironman demos in full, and by watching I do mean actually studying them and assessing each scenario, bearing in mind my experience and ability at Doom which is extradonary, not skipping to a random moment and making up fabrications based on your own failures thinking oh it's impossible, their is no way any player could accomplish that. I do make mistakes, sometimes crucial ones, this is also reflected if you studied my speedruns which are far from perfect and have flaws such as missing shots, awkward movement and poor dodging, however a key skill I have is not panicing when low on health or when the circumstance is dire. Well guess what, I'm one of a kind, no one can play the game like me, every talented player and speedrunner has their own strengths and weaknesses that make them stand out. I am deluded when you suggest someone must have prior knowledge to stand a chance of victory at Ironman. Well look at Demon of the Well, he's not a speedrunner but is known for making FDAs both blind and familiar, he has an exceptional ability at conquering maps on his first attempt, the most prominent example I can think of is rdwpa's MuMe.wad. Does that mean he cheats? Certainly not, he's a talented player who obviously has a high level of playing ability. You also have j4rio and 0xfooba who have accomplished amazing demos that haven't been set before, with the former tysons that should be impossible and the latter UV-Maxes on some the hardest maps devised and speedrun movies of Sunlust. So why would you think my speedruns are cheated, when their are fellow speedrunners who have demonstrated extraordinary playing ability, do not stream and have surpassed my demos? As I certainly have never accussed anyone else of cheating, but respect their accomplishment and admire their tenacity at conquering very hard maps and goals. I have not shown jealously or malice towards fellow speedrunners who have surpassed my demos but silently congratulate and admire their accomplishment, in some cases publicly such as when Ancalagon went back and re-ran Combat Shock in response to when I beat his old runs. I do not look at speedrunning with a competitive eye, thinking I must have the record and surpass my competitor, instead my view is a cooperative one, it's us speedrunners against the game, building on one another's ideas and talent when a new record is set, complementing each other's unique strengths and weaknesses. My question would be why are you accusing and targetting me specifically? I can see from the depths of your arrogance, you believe with absolute certainty you are correct and I must be a cheater with any form of rebuttal being null and void. Well let me state clearly I have nothing to gain, why would I cheat at Ironman when I have pubically stated previously I do not care about winning or if a fellow player surpasses me, this is just fun to me. For speedruns, what would be the purpose in cheating as it's a personal challenge to me, I want to demonstrate to myself I've got the skill and talent to conquer very hard maps, it's about me against the game and I don't feel jealously at a fellow speedrunner who has beaten my record. I make speedruns out of passion and love for the game and not for admiration or self flattery, as long as Andy accepts the demo for DSDA that's all I care about. I am not going to stream as I do not care for an audience and am not influenced by the accusations of an envious stranger. I only streamed briefly for a short time in the past out of curiosity, but it does not interest me nor do I feel passion for it. I haven't watched Twitch in over a year, I was drawn to it in my spare time during the short period prior to my first full time job after finishing my studies. My life has changed a lot in the past two years and their are far more important aspects in life which draw my attention, I have little free time as well. Also you must be very self-conscious if you honestly think one has to stream their demo to demonstrate they aren't cheating, that just indicates your disrespect and distrust towards other players with exceptional playing ability, you'll never be a talented survivalist like me :) Let me make it clear I don't give a damn what you or anyone else thinks of me, when I am passionate about a subject I will speak my mind truthfully even if it means being brash at times, both online and in real life, I won't be intimidated by anyone and will confront them with assertion and confidence. I'm here for fun, making speedruns and commenting on subjects once in a while which capture my eye. Thank you for revealing your true colors, seething with jealously and enveloped by arrogance, you've lost what respect I had for you. If you've come to your senses you will offer an apology, take a good luck in the mirror before you make such a disgusting accusation against a fellow Doom player, who has not caused strife and discord but shows humility and respect with a care free attitude, or will you continue this charade and repeat history, replicating the case of Okuplok? If you do continue to accuse, it will be solely for my amusement as I will not take you seriously and will likely ignore you. Choose wisely.
  2. DeletedUser

    The DWIronman League dies to: Base Ganymede

    Category 2, I played it when it was released. E1 - 37:55 E2 - 45:04 E3 - 42:33 DWIronman_bgcomp_BlooditeKrypto.zip E3 was exciting with some unnecessary daredevilry :) I've never heard of using -episode that doesn't look right. I used -warp 1 1 and specified the iwad as doom.
  3. DeletedUser

    3 Heures d'agonie 3 demos [-complevel 2]

    I was really curious if you had it disabled, because how could this bug happen otherwise, good luck for next time :)
  4. DeletedUser

    3 Heures d'agonie 3 demos [-complevel 2]

    Can an intercepts overflow still occur after you've disabled the option to try and emulate it?
  5. DeletedUser

    The DWIronman League dies to: Stardate 20X6

    One death on Magnus and a skin of teeth finish on HMP. DWIronman_stardate20x6_BlooditeKrypto.zip Which is good, because I would have called bullshit on surviving Magnus on UV xD The finale of Vehelits and some encounters of Magnus start to lean towards requiring some good luck to avoid getting plastered. In this case, fatigue got the better of me as the first Magnus performance was lacking, being clumsy and taking avoidable hits, then succumbing to confusion in the battle which saw my demise, it was a wise decision to take a short break to recharge before tackling it again on HMP. Very proud to reach Magnus though, I was expecting to die at the end of Vehelits but talent and good luck allowed me to cheat death. My highlights would be taking no damage in the Mud Bunny hellspawn warping frenzy and overcoming the red key area of Vehelits. I played Stardate in SP once and in TNS, I rarely replay wads unless I intend to make speedruns. Thanks to @Alfonzo for allowing us to revisit this masterpiece and @Ribbiks for demonstrating his impeccable talent at crafting addicting gameplay and gorgeous architecture.
  6. DeletedUser

    The DWIronman League dies to: Fomalhaut

    Category 2 run in 18:38. DWIronman_thtthren_BlooditeKrypto.zip I'm familiar with the map having played THT in SP and as part of TNS before, funny the map isn't sprawling and gargantuac as I recalled, because the objectives are actually quite close to one another and it's quick to traverse between areas, but the potentially long duration comes from the near 1000 monster count stemming from large spawn ins and if you choose the wrong path before picking up heavy weaponary it can be far more difficult and take longer to progress. A great example of placing monsters carefully to put pressure on the player and without one Archvile used it's an impressive feat.
  7. DeletedUser

    Sunder demos [-complevel 9]

    MAP07 - UV-Max in 14:14 su07-1414.zip
  8. DeletedUser

    The DWIronman League dies to: Hellfire: Dreams

    @Pegleg The opinion of the masses shouldn't be taken as the only method of measuring or defining the quality of a wad. For me personally /idgames ratings and reviews are a load of bollocks in determining whether I'll try a wad or not, especially in the past on the legacy version where it was mostly anonymous twats with vague and biased opinions. I've always selected wads or videogames for that matter based on intuition and reviewing descriptions, screenshots and having a gut feeling of yeah I'm drawn to that or it arouses my interest. I evaulate and judge products or ideas myself and don't take the word of others strongly in influencing whether I'll like something or not. Their are numerous wads which have received mostly positive community feedback but I consider to be shit, so that's a matter of personal preference and taste, but referring to my opening statement it's stupid to determine the quality of a wad based solely on mass opinion, especially where Ironman is concerned where a number of factors need to be considered to evaluate what will be a suitable choice under such demanding and time consuming conditions. Length? If it's very long bordering over 3 hours to complete on average, it can be a turn off for those who don't have the free time or feel strained both physically and mentally having to commit themselves to a marathon in one sitting. Ofcourse epic and classic choices are expected once in a while, which may exclude particular players but this is still a crucial factor to consider nonetheless. Level Design? If it's mostly complex with vast layouts and puzzle hunts with unclear progression it can be boring and a chore to play, Ironman should be a challenge but not a miserable shitfest. I can't see the issue with linearity if the gameplay is exciting, fast paced and challenging such as 50 monsters. Gameplay? This will be a matter of personal preference, however as a general guideline don't pick a wad with questionable, unbalanced monster and item placement that expects the player to know their positioning beforehand or you'll be at a severe disadvantage or blindsided, if it's one or two maps that's excusable, but if this theme occurs for the near entirity of a set it's an obvious sign of flawed design. I did not elaborate on my vague closing statement to Alfonzo in my previous post regarding not to pick obscure wads, so I can see where this confusion has arisen from. The issue is not choosing overlooked and obscure wads, but rather don't pick wads where the gameplay and level design greatly differentiates from popular and conventional design ethics which have stood the test of time. You need to consider what will be suitable for an Ironman where your expected to commit yourself to the endurance required to finish a wad in one sitting and without relying on saves, but will equally be engaging and interesting enough to play, not many will want a complex and puzzling headache where it's easy to get lost and involves numerous switch hunts or a shit kicker that puts your reflexes and nerves to the test. With regards to your overview on participation count, forget the over-analytical bollocks, I'll simply point out in 2018 the average count for the end of each month was at least 30 or more, let's see if it reaches 30 by the end of January and that will speak for itself. You'll need a citation when you mention regulars have stopped participating for a variety of reasons, as I've yet to see any public statements from players. It's rumoured DotW is too busy with real life commitments and doesn't have time, I believe Ancalagon finds the wad choices boring and deliberately rushes through them resulting in an early death from a past conversation and I've yet to hear why RjY stopped playing. However in all three examples none of them have publicly stated why they've stopped participating, so it's merely speculation and public rumour for those examples and others for the time being. Of the three wads you mentioned which had lower turn outs then average, fair point but they didn't have confusing and nonsensical level design. Peridition's Gate has average sized maps which are both linear and non-linear but are easily navigatable, Khorus Speedy Shit is an adrenaline fuelled bloodbath with little to no exploration and Jade's Earth is lengthy but linear in progression. I still think your fucking weird if you loved this wad, that's what the rude and crude part of me says, the rational part accepts it as another form of mapping creativity :P @Alfonzo Thanks for the acknowledgement bossman! I appreciate it and trust you will channel the feedback provided into new found wisdom to bring us more pleasing Ironman choices for the future.
  9. DeletedUser

    The DWIronman League dies to: Hellfire: Dreams

    Survived this bizarre fuckfest in 2:23:45. Never heard of this obscure travesity let alone touched A.L.T as I find it's design philosophy dreadfully boring. DWIronman_hfd_BlooditeKrypto.zip Wow this was shit! I can say without remorse this is the worst Ironman pick so far. It pissed me the fuck off throughout and it was a real struggle commiting myself to finishing it. Their are glaring design flaws which really sour the experience for me. The first is weapon placement, who withholds the SSG till five maps in? Let alone place the first one in a fucking secret area! If you don't find it in Prison you'll be fucked on Cesspool as it doesn't appear till three quarters in, good luck enduring the plethora of monsters before then, the Rocket Launcher and Plasma also appear before Cesspool, finding these can make a large difference to your chances of survival and quicken the combat pace so it isn't a slow, grindy borefest. A golden rule of Doom II mapping, you don't withhold the first appearance of the SSG for a long time, as you risk making your wad a tedious, boring drag. It doesn't make it more challenging but adds unnecessary tedium forcing the player to spend excessive time killing mid tier monsters and the overall pace suffers as a result. I can understand that in Hellfire's case it counteracts the absence of the SSG in the opening levels by using the Doom II beastiary sproadically, you've got Hellknights with the occasional Chaingunner, then Arachnotrons make an appearence. However this ain't a Doom 1 wad, so the decision to make the player go so long without one really baffles me and it manifests as boring gameplay as a result. Who the fuck suppresses essential weaponary, placing them in secrets and teasing by putting them in plain view with no obvious means of acquiring it. The second issue is the realistic environments and their impact on navigation, so you've got a real world setting with real world textures to enhance the experience, sure I can understand that, but why in the fuck does the navigation have to be obscure and a pain in the arse? Do you want combat halted constantly by switch quests, but with nothing being straight forward as everything blends into one another with the realistic look. You first need to grasp that light switches translate to progress, they aren't just light switches as you'd naturally assume but can open doors, except the author likes to dick about and flick back and forth between ones which light up the current room or trigger something, so you'll inevitably end up mashing every switch in sight but it isn't always immediately obvious where to go next. Cesspool is a cruel bastard with it's interconnected layout and plethora of switches that leave you wondering what the hell they trigger, you better workout how to progress quickly because you can't waste those precious radsuits or you'll be fucked in no time, their is an immense pressure to navigate this subterranean nightmare quickly as a result, however your at the detriment of being limited on ammo and health which is a recurring theme throughout the set. Also it should be set in stone, sewer levels suck in first person shooters! When I reached Twilight Town I shouted god damn it at the start after witnessing the bloated monster count and being immediatley pissed off at the city layout with no clear sense of progression, good luck knowing where the fuck to go without running several laps around the map and exploring every nook several times over. This son of a bitch took nearly an hour to surpass and I was really cursing at end, their had better not be another fucking long, confusing map, just end this damn wad already. It's not clear where to go most of the time, when a player gets lost on a Dead Simple remake you know you've fucked up! Eternal Doom doesn't have this issue as I found navigating that fairly straightforward being perceptive and aware of my surrounding environment, if you take care to observe switches in dark areas and unusual walls you can get through most levels without a headache, with some obvious exceptions like Bob Evans rubix cube fuckfests. The third issue is the limited resources, your given just enough ammo to sustain you throughout a map and deal with each encounter, rockets and cells are rare, health isn't generous and scattered thinly throughout each map, you have to play consistently well and not fuck up too many times, their are dickish ambushes which could easily kill you if your low on health and don't react quickly, armor is sparse and power ups are rare, it looks like one of those wads which keeps vital resources locked away in secrets which can make a huge difference to your survival, sure you do find high tier items in the open but their rare and are usually placed in tough fights only. The last issue is the monster placement, fucking hell it's unfair and dickish several times. Like why the fuck are their pop up monsters in the central park area of Twilight Town? One that doesn't make any realistic sense and it's cheap as fuck when it's constantly hitscanners and their are trees all over the fucking place obscuring your movement and vision, I laughed at the corner pop up with a Revenant and Chaingunner, they were easily dispatched as they didn't immediately open fire, but that's a cheap death trap if you happen to be low on health. Their are also nonsensical teleporter ambushes which occur in tight hallways with monsters appearing all around you, good luck trying to avoid getting hit. The worst offender I can think of is the start of Ghost Train, so the level begins by opening a door and their's an SSG in the centre, which spawns several imps in front and two Revenants behind you in the starting room, what a cunt of an opener if you happen to arrive low on health and cells. Archviles also have a nasty habit of appearing without warning and teleporting in to catch you by surprise. However it was a challenging mapset, but not in a positive sense, instead with resource starvation and shitty enemy placement that punishes the player without warning. I genuinely struggled throughout and their are several instances I expected to die, their was a hilarious moment where I cornered myself with a bunch of goats in Monster Museum after walking into the centre of a room with monsters waking up and coming out of the walls, which made me paranoid so I thought I'd be overly cautious and retreat far back only to be ambushed. It's clear alot of attention and talent went into crafting Hellfire's realistic and intriguing setting, but the gameplay balance and enjoyment was not fine tuned and suffers heavily as a result. It's already a chore and demanding to play continuous, it'd be fucking torture from pistol start! You have weird and bizzare taste if you love this wad with it's glaring gameplay issues. @Alfonzo please don't pick weird and obscure shit like this in the future, it's not just me who dislikes it, the participant numbers for this month are shockingly low compared to average counts.
  10. Blind survival in 1:12:23. DWIronman_udtwid_BlooditeKrypto.zip Very cool E4 replacement which focuses on close quarter combat with a high trap density, although I was surprised how cramped most of the maps were, taking place in tight corridors, funneling hallways and treacherous caverns. I was expecting more large outdoor areas which mimic the likes of E4M3 and E4M6 in scale and traversal, it's not a criticism but merely a curious observation; the gameplay focus is shifted towards intense firefights in small sized maps, with the player in combat most of the time, rather then in depth exploration in moderate sized maps. While their is deviation from a linear path, you won't really get lost as the maps aren't large in size, say in contrast to Double Impact or No End in Sight. So yeah it was different to what I was expecting, it replicates the texture scheme and style of E4 faithfully but the mapping layout is distinct in putting the player under pressure most of the time with strategic monster placement and devious traps, an interesting deviation from the original executed well :) With Thy Flesh Consumed you weren't always in tight areas and had room to breath, but this set demands you to be alert and cautious always as danger lurks around every corner. The last level felt like an oddball with it's layout, a set piece of symmetrical hallways connected by various teleporters with caged snipers and some adjoining outdoor sections, it wasn't poor but felt bizzare in contrast to the previous maps in theme and gameplay. The section with tech base textures felt really out of place, how does this section of the map fit in with the location? Could it point to a dimensional opening where a small outpost once lay dormant before being assimilated by hellspawn? But then why are their no portal openings or UAC equipment, it just abruptly begins and ends without any connectivity to the rest of the map and visual coherency on how it manifested there. The bleeding brown skull texture appears frequently, but it feels out of place to be used so excessively in an E4 level, especially when placed next to marble walls. The gameplay was peculiar, suddenly changing to a slow, cautious approach where the threat comes from caged snipers and tricky corners, but you actually have breathing room in the interior sections, however all this was a distraction from the cataclysmic finale with it's innocent Spider duet, before descending into a frenzied bloodbath where your surrounded on all sides and under pressure from several Cybers, a fantastic adrenaline rush to say the least. Well done on a smashing release, but I'll take 2002 A Doom Odyssey E4 as my favourite replacement ;)
  11. Survived Renascence in 1:33:41 and Resistance in 1:01:44, both are blind as I'm not a fan of TNT. I enjoyed Renascene more, being a revamped and alternative interpretation of the original levels, while Resistance was a lot more challenging I find the level design boring and uninspiring, a lot of traversal through predictable, generic hallways and cumbersome outdoor areas, just wanted to get it over and done with, hence poor play ensues leading to low health moments. Well done @leodoom85 and @Beginner :) Although I'm genuinely surprised how a single mapset took over 2 hours o_O DWIronman_TNT-REN&TNTRESIST_BlooditeKrypto.zip
  12. DeletedUser

    The DWIronman League dies to: Doom 64 for Doom 2

    Another blind conquest in 3:22:53, twice in a row, this is getting serious! DWIronman_d64d2_BlooditeKrypto.zip Category 1 as I've never played Doom 64 for Doom II before, but I have played the original via Doom 64 EX once, that's what the OP means right? Or does it mean if you've played the original Doom 64 before then your considered Category 2, it's misleading as fuck, also MAP33 was played for 50 Monsters Ironman; so what the hell xD Some periods of getting dumbstruck at where to go arise and the endurance starts to buckle on the home stretch from the long playing time. What a dirty fucking trick with the three Cybers on 29, fuck you mapping duo :< Your sneaky, devious and underhanded scheme failed to decimate me however! ;D
  13. Here be another rare Cat 1, blind run from myself in a delightful 25:11. DWIronman_cchest4_BlooditeKrypto.zip I've never liked the Cchest series, considering them a mixed bag of mediocre to average maps, being a community project where their are a variety of mappers, it has the potential hindrance of the overall quality varying greatly as a result. The first one I played around 10 maps then concluded this hasn't been fun so far, the gameplay boring and the level design dull. The second was the same scenario with even less maps tried, I could only play it more thoroughly in a 1 life survival session a few years ago with a friend, but even then we got to the start of episode 3 and grew tired of it. The third one starts out intriguing with some tense gameplay, but then oddballs show up where the mapping quality nosedives which spoils the overall experience. The fourth is definitely a step up in both artistic and gameplay design, but it just isn't too my taste; so I've never played any Cchest to completion and I don't intend to, wads are like chemistry to me, I either click with them or I don't. This run was a case of run around like a headless chicken, looking ahead and deciding whether to rush forward and see what I could get away with or hang back and clear out enemies in the near vicinity so I don't get blindsided. I got dazed by one teleporter on the first map due to not being observant and confused with progression on the second map, having not paid attention and being mesmerised by the sensual detail on display. It was an exhilarating ride with numerous ballsy moments, can't be cautious when I'm trying to compete against prepared runs. Now that the topic has been brought up again I guess I'll share my stance, yeah prepared runs are lame as they cripple the challenge and therefore purpose of participating in an Ironman, I don't consider them a serious submission and they shouldn't be held to the same standard as a blind or you've played the wad in the past and are familiar with it territory, which is a more authentic demonstration of playing ability, but they are still a valid entry in demonstrating one's attempted or successful victory over a set deathless and saveless. However you wouldn't be able to ban prepared runs anyhow, if you so desired, the current system doesn't have any method to regulate or deny participants from doing prepared runs, even if you hypothetically made submissions stream only, this doesn't change the fact you have a whole month and can simply practice beforehand then stream it live at a date of your choosing, you'll just have the pressure of a live audience but still familiarity with the wad at hand. Their isn't any means of changing this unless the system was radically overhauled, problem is I can't think of an alternative, other then changing the winning criteria to incorporate not only fastest completion time but a more substantial element as well; however that starts to make things complex then and could detract from the overall enjoyment of the event, ultimately who cares? I see this as a bit of simple fun and something engaging for those who don't play saveless regularly, as the OP states 'It could change the way you play Doom!' so maintaining the fun factor should be exalted above everything else and maintaining the spirit of keeping Ironman simple and welcome to all players should be respected. If anyone has a potential alternative to the current system it would be interesting to hear. Congrats @leodoom85 ;)
  14. DeletedUser

    Urania demos [-complevel 4]

    UV-Maxes for 05-10. un05-1739.zip un06-1944.zip un07-2329.zip un08-1346.zip un09-1144.zip un10-514.zip
  15. DeletedUser

    Urania demos [-complevel 4]

    Lost hope to surpass current records? :D I'd like to see other runs but it's an inevitable fact this wad won't have any, as few like Urania. I don't find the maps complicated from a first time experience, but I have great navigational skills, for example I play Wolfenstein 3D mapsets from time to time and rarely get lost as I can map out the layout of a level in my head from recalling the geometry of rooms; certain shapes, objects and colors can help to distinguish one area from another, in Urania's case the only one to confuse me entirely was 06, where linedefs and switches don't trigger things in your immediate vicinity and I had to look up actions and tags in the editor to progress. I'd compare it to Eternal Doom only in average time to beat maps and not in navigational complexity, the levels considered 'huge' taking an average of 30-40 minutes from a successful, saveless, pistol start, but that doesn't take into consideration an average of one to two deaths from 05 onwards, so it's more like 45-50 minutes.