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  1. TheCyberMastermind

    Short random Fic: Doom's keep

  2. TheCyberMastermind

    Most underrated game AND overrated video games?

    underrated - GTA IV overrated - Saints row 2
  3. TheCyberMastermind

    What is so bad about Doom: Rampage edition?

    Sounds like a real vain arse (the author)
  4. TheCyberMastermind

    Short random Fic: Doom's keep

    Doom's keep "UAC was invaded by the demons again but Flynn wasn't surprised. A mountain next to the base are unleasing imps, cacodemons etc. Flynn had a mission; Save the UAC base and destroy the keep" Flynn runs out of the UAC base with his shotgun. He gets to the mountain and blasts the imps apart. More imps come to him and Flynn keeps shooting, losing bullets. Even if he kills more imps, reinforcements will come and aid thier species. Finally, Flynn was out of bullets. "Oh, for f*cks sake!" shouts out an angry Flynn. He runs back into the base for more weapons. He finds a super shotgun and chainsaw which is not enough. The imps manage to break into the base, behind his back and they start ripping the place to shreads. Flynn gets the weapons ready and opens the door, revealing thousands of imps. Flynn starts blasting more imps into peices with the super shotgun. That won't do any good. Bullets are running out just like the shotgun. He runs back to the weaponary and locks the door. Flynn thinks of a plan but what? Imps are at the door while more demons are coming through the back of the UAC. There is no plan for him...until he stares at the chainsaw and the beauty of sawing imps. The plan was made. "Ok, mother f*cking sh*t eating bastards, say hello to my saw" yells out an insane Flynn. Blood, flesh, guts and goo splatter around the hallway. The walls turn from grey to blood red. All flynn saw was gore and he was enjoying gore as the blood covers his body. Imps start throwing fire balls but that is no good as the chainsaw is in thier way. Flynn laughs and opens his eyes. No more imps, just cacodemons and hell knights. Flynn drops the chainsaw and says "Ok, now I'm going to need a Big F*cking Gun" "I've got one" says a UAC trooper. Flynn replies "Perfect...." The trooper throws a BFG9000 at Flynn. Flynn caught it and starts attacking the cacodemons/hell knights. The UAC trooper helps with a chaingun. Again, Flynn goes into "insane mode" and starts blowing them up while the trooper starts thinking how crazy the battle is. Suddenly, a hell knight throws a projectile at Flynn's hand blowing it off. The trooper fires at the hell knight killing him. Flynn screams and screams. He starts becoming angry and finds a berserker. Flynn gets it and runs down the mountain. The trooper starts following him repeating the words "What the f*ck is up with you Flynn?" He catches Flynn fighting a cyber demon! The cyber demon starts firing rockets but misses. Crazy insane Flynn grabs the cyber demon's head and pops his brain out! They both finally reach the keep finding zombies...with BFGs!!!! Flynn gets his BFG and blows half of them up. The other half shoot at them and manage to hit the trooper turning him into a gory pulp. Flynn reloads the BFG and blows the rest up but he finds another problem, two spider masterminds!!!! "To be continued" ........................... I may not continue it because "cough" I think it sucks.
  5. TheCyberMastermind

    Martian Marines

    meh, the story is not my type of thing
  6. TheCyberMastermind

    What is better? PSX or PC version.

    How is it stupid? Don't be disrespectful! :(
  7. TheCyberMastermind

    What is better? PSX or PC version.

    The psx version only lacks the arch ville, which is an annoying enemy! And the new maps are awesome!
  8. TheCyberMastermind

    The End - What Will It Be?

    1. Nuclear War - Won't kill everyone I believe. 2. Massive Natural Disaster - Once the sun explodes? 3. Biological/Chemical War - See 1. 4. Mass Suicide from an Existential Crisis because society is too advanced in all areas of life and survival is no longer a concern for anyone. - Uhhh...what? 5. Zombie - Sorry, I do not believe in zombies.
  9. TheCyberMastermind

    This monster belongs in DOOM

    I meant god, not good (dumbass)
  10. TheCyberMastermind

    This monster belongs in DOOM

    Oh good! :o Someone make a wad with this! Hurry!
  11. TheCyberMastermind

    What are the 10 BEST megawads around?

    I can name two. Eternal doom (like you said) Congestion 1024 (frickin' annoying maps full of arch villes but still one of the best!)
  12. TheCyberMastermind

    Youtube sucks now

    I've noticed that youtube has gone downhill. I mean so many videos I watch now (and ESPECIALLY the Grand theft auto vids) are mute because of the stupid audio copy right thing! Youtube is far deeper than hell, man....
  13. TheCyberMastermind

    What is so bad about Doom: Rampage edition?

    But what do you mean "too many enemies"?
  14. TheCyberMastermind

    What is better? PSX or PC version.

    I say PSX because of the scary atmosphere! And sounds....
  15. TheCyberMastermind

    What is so bad about Doom: Rampage edition?

    It looks pretty cool. Playing as a baron and kicking marine ass. So what is so bad about it?